Many businesses prefer print-on-demand custom merchandise as it offers several benefits, including not having to carry a large inventory. They also enjoy more flexibility as they can try out different types of design without investing in large quantities. Print-on-demand, also known as order-on-demand, makes selling custom-made products easier for you without having to worry about shipping, production, or inventory problems. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of print-on-demand merchandise. 

No Delays In Shipment

Some major advantages of print-on-demand merchandise include quick turnaround and faster shipping times. For example, if you are ordering merchandise for a target location, with print-on-demand services, you would be able to get it created within proximity of the target location so it arrives on time. 

This saves you ample time, money, and resources that would be otherwise spent on getting customized products transported to your location. With print-on-demand services, orders can get the order fulfilled as early as within a few days of placing them, and in some cases, they can get fulfilled within the same day.

Customer Support 

Compared to other suppliers, print-on-demand service providers offer exceptional customer support and cooperate with you to get products delivered to your client’s doorsteps within the deadline. Generally print on demand providers print promotional products in smaller quantities and work with their customers to ensure they get the required final version of their products. This allows you to discover any mistakes and have them fixed during the printing stages before the product is shipped out. 

Minimal Inventory Costs 

Print supply chains typically involve the tedious work of coordinating and communicating with several middlemen, such as vendors and suppliers but with print-on-demand service. You are able to source all knitting, printing, warehousing, and shipping requirements to a single vendor. This means you would not be worrying about inventory management expenses as print-on-demand providers typically have materials stored in warehouses, and the production is only done when an order is received. 

No Upfront Costs 

There are no upfront costs associated with customization when you are working with a print-on-demand provider. This allows businesses to experiment with different merch ideas before they decide to order a large batch. 

With print-on-demand service, you can customize products in numerous ways, including adding images to the product. Typically there are not any minimum order requirements when you are sourcing products from a provider. In addition, you may get access to edit designs during production stages and can allow you to test out new products. 

Environment Friendly 

Many companies in the industry order products in bulk and then have them stored in the inventory until they are sold. It is entirely possible that the consumer demand for that specific product drops after a while, and most of the stock is left stored because it becomes outdated, leading to material waste. Using print-on-demand service for custom merch is a more environmentally friendly approach as products are only printed in the quantities they are required rather than in bulk. This reduces material wastage, helping protect the environment.

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