It can be easy to feel overwhelmed when you walk into the gym, especially if you are just getting started. There is so much equipment available, and it seems that everyone knows what they are doing, which can make it hard to know how to get started. Weightlifting is something that should be incorporated into your workout as a way to build and/or tone muscle, improve strength, burn fat and improve your mental health. Many people get confused when it comes to dumbbells and kettlebells when they start lifting weights, so this post will look at the key differences and what you should use.


Dumbbells feature a bar that is used as a handle with evenly displaced weight at both ends. You can get dumbbells that are adjustable so that you can change the weight, or you will find in gyms that there are many sets of dumbbells of varying weights. One dumbbell is held in each hand, which allows you to work out with one or two dumbbells at a time.


Kettlebells, meanwhile, differ in that the weight sits below the handle. They are generally constructed with cast iron, and you will find that the handle can accommodate one or two hands, which means that there are all kinds of exercises that you can do with just one kettlebell.

Key Differences

Many think that there is not much difference between the two and you can just grab whatever is closest to you, but you should know that the two pieces of equipment are very different from one another. If you were to do a bicep curl with a dumbbell and then a kettlebell, you will notice the difference immediately. This is because of the way that the weight is distributed as it can shift the stress and how an exercise feels through a range of motion.

What To Choose

So, what should you choose when getting started with weightlifting? Ultimately, it will come down to what your goals are and the type of movements that will help you to achieve these goals. If you want to build strength, you need to be able to move more weight, and dumbbells are generally best for this because of the stability. Kettlebells can be helpful for growth as they can challenge muscles when loads are not an issue.

Getting Started

To get started, it is a good idea to speak with a personal trainer that will be able to advise you or to look for a workout online from a trusted source. You can get your own Mirafit Kettle Bells and/or a dumbbell set online so that you can start working out from home if you wish.

Hopefully, this post will be informative and help you to gain a better understanding of dumbbells and kettlebells, as well as weightlifting in general. It can be daunting at first, but once you know your goals and have a routine to follow, you should soon find weightlifting to be enjoyable and highly rewarding.

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