Do you want to supercharge your business with a powerful video marketing strategy? There is no denying that video marketing has taken social media by storm. Video has completely changed the way brands market their products and services to the world. What’s notable about video content is that it conveys ideas more powerfully than text and pictures combined.

Moreover, social media videos have a higher likelihood of being shared than other forms of content. With a majority of businesses going digital, it is no wonder why video marketing is witnessing an unprecedented rise on social media. Now that video has superseded all traditional marketing materials, social media marketers have no choice but to tap into the power of video content.

The increasing consumption of online videos has further boosted the popularity of video-based marketing. Statistics clearly suggest that online video will account for 80% of global internet traffic by 2022. This blog will throw light on the rise of video marketing on social media. Here are 3 major social media platforms where video marketing is growing at a rapid pace.

1. YouTube

YouTube is by far the biggest and most popular video sharing platform out there. The world-famous video content giant can prove incredibly valuable for newfound brands who have just entered the industry. The platform houses an extensive library of videos belonging to varied genres like technology, cookery, gardening, etc. A majority of newbie creators prefer starting their journey on YouTube due to its gigantic user base.

In recent times, video marketing has seen a steep increase on YouTube. Businesses can easily bolster their customer base through video marketing on YouTube. Although YouTube is a great platform for launching a marketing career, the fierce competition can make it a little tough for brands to get the much-needed exposure. When millions of creators are working hard to get their content noticed, the marketing scene is bound to get noisy.

Another major issue with YouTube is that it lacks data-driven capabilities, something which platforms like Facebook excel at. Since YouTube does not give brands sufficient access to data, it can be difficult to identify inefficiencies in your campaign.

2. Facebook

The biggest mistake that marketers make is underestimating the power of Facebook. Having emerged as a leader in data, Facebook has become a massive favourite among social media video marketers. The rise of video marketing on Facebook can be attributed to the growing number of social media users across the globe. Sharing marketing videos on Facebook is the best way to capture the attention of audiences amidst fierce competition. The Newsfeed algorithm of Facebook prioritises video over other content forms, thus promising a wider audience reach.

Whenever you create a marketing video for YouTube, you must upload it natively to Facebook for promotion at a large scale. The analytics tool of Facebook enables brands to measure the performance of their marketing campaign. With access to valuable consumer data, businesses can personalise their marketing videos in accordance with the preferences of target audiences. Insights related to view count, likes and comments can help you reach people who would be truly interested in spending on your brand offerings.

It must be noted that short videos tend to perform better on Facebook. Hence, marketers must trim videos at appropriate length to maintain engagement levels. Facebook marketing videos could be anywhere between 15 seconds to 3 minutes long. The good news is that you will not have to bear the brunt of downloading heavy trimming software on your desktop. You can trim video content easily with the help of an online video trimmer. Facebook has recently introduced video embedding options, which clearly indicates that the platform is giving more attention to videos.

3. Twitter

Twitter is another leading social platform where you can garner attention for your brand through video marketing. Initially, Twitter interactions were limited to Tweets. However, the platform now allows users to upload videos. The rise of video marketing on Twitter spells boon for brands that have been raring to connect with audiences on a deeper level.

By Tweeting high-quality marketing videos, you can give more personalised time to your Twitter audiences for enhancing engagement levels on social media.

What The Rise Of Video Marketing On Social Means For Your Business?

We live in an era where competition is rapidly rising. Given today’s competitive environment, it is impossible for a brand to survive without a solid video marketing strategy in place. Businesses looking to stand out from the crowd must rely on video marketing to produce fruitful results. Social media is a storehouse of video content, and hence, it boasts a plethora of lucrative opportunities for businesses.

Regardless of what your business does, videos can work wonders for expanding the reach of your marketing campaign. Quality video content can increase brand awareness and also keep you ahead of competitors in the industry. Depending on your business goals, you must choose the right social media platform for video marketing to pave the way for success.


Video has emerged as a king in the world of marketing. Marketers are increasingly turning to video marketing for advertising their offerings to larger audiences. As of now, 86% of businesses are harnessing video content for marketing purposes. Since social media platforms are already flooded with millions of videos, you must infuse extra creativity into your content to spread the word about your brand.

Persuasive marketing videos can drive business results a lot faster than expected. You must set aside time and focus on making video content that prompts customers to explore your brand offerings. No matter what type of videos you create, your content must be properly optimised for the platform where it will eventually be uploaded. Your best bet would be to create short and crisp videos as social media audiences hardly have any time at hand.

Short videos uplift engagement and boost sales to a great extent. It is vital that you leverage the best editing technology, especially if you want to make your videos go viral on social media. Do keep an eye on analytics and insights so that you can tweak your marketing videos to get the best responses on social media.

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