In time you start to notice the same patterns in the people who go on to succeed and the ones that never seem to get anywhere with their lives. This is not a list based on my standards either; this is a list based on what is needed to succeed. If you can eliminate each of these points, I guarantee you that you will move forward by leaps and bounds. If not, this is why you don't succeed and no amount of self confidence tips will bring you back. 

If you never risk anything, you will never get anything. Successful people know that they can’t always play it safe. They take risks, they make changes, and they fail. They understand that throughout this entire process, they will grow and eventually figure out how to succeed.

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This is Why You Don't Succeed - You Have No Endurance

There is a reason I wrote an entire book on the subject. Endurance is essential to succeed at anything that you start. Without Endurance, you will quit everything, and if we quit everything, how can we find the successful moment that we have been searching for?

Successful people find ways to Endure through the toughest of times. They thrive during times when most people would walk away. Some people seem to succeed all the time, but in reality, some people never give up, so they see their goals through until the end.

This is Why You Don't Succeed - You're Never Grateful

Some people are quite successful, but they will never know it because they can never sit back and be grateful. They can’t take some time to relish in how far they have come. You can get caught by this at any time.

You do something extraordinary, and then we move on to the next goal without ever being happy about it. Sitting back and praising ourselves can be overdone too, but a lot of people never even take a day off to relish in it.

The key is to find that sweet spot in knowing that there is room for improvement, while also being grateful for where you are now. Everyone knows you can get better, but you can forget how far you are from the person that you used to be. Successful people take time to be thankful.

This is Why You Don't Succeed - You're Too Selfish

Successful people help other people! Unsuccessful people only think about what they can get out of things. Their world and attitude are continually screaming me, me, me. This never draws people towards you, and actually, it chases people away.

Successful people build fantastic networks and reliable connections, and they can do it because they help people. When you are continually offering other people things, then people are going to gravitate towards you because you learn how to make it all about other people.

This is Why You Don't Succeed - You Lack The Work Ethic

Stop convincing yourself that you work so hard when the truth is that YOU DON’T! There is nothing I hate more than seeing someone their work ethic. If you have one, it is incredible but doesn't rest on it because when you do, it starts to slip away.

Successful people know that not only is it going to take a strong work ethic, but it is going to take sacrifice. When I see people who want to work hard, but they are unwilling to give anything up, it always makes me scratch my head. Successful people realize how much sacrifice and work ethic go hand in hand. If you want to increase the work ethic, you have to be willing to give up more.

You Avoid All Risk

If you never risk anything, you will never get anything. Successful people know that they can’t always play it safe. They take risks, they make changes, and they fail. They understand that throughout this entire process, they will grow and eventually figure out how to succeed.

Unsuccessful people see this, and all they can think about is the failure. They can’t let go of how it will feel to fall flat on their faces, but they forget that life is all about falling and finding a way to get back up.

As soon as you decide that you will no longer get up, considered yourself to be good as dead! Find more ways to fail, and you will discover more ways to succeed.

You Don't Want It Bad Enough

Yeah, I will call you on your BS right now. Do you want what you say you want, or do you act as if you want it? Do you want it bad, or would it only be helpful if you had it?

The best part is that you never need to answer those questions verbally because your actions will always tell the truth.

You Make Poor Investments

Unsuccessful people think of money regarding earing, spending, and saving. They dedicate their life to earning money so they can either spend it or save it.

Successful people understand and see money regarding investments. They see how much they have and they try and figure out ways to invest it so that their money increases. Successful people make their money work for them. They understand that they can and WILL lose money sometimes, but they don’t let that scare them.

Can you invest the money you have saved into a business? Can you put your money into the stock market? Find ways to make your money work for you instead of having it just sit there.

The Time is Now

You now know what you need to do to be successful and if you might still be making excuses, maybe you should read this article. The time is now to make a change in your life. One by one makes sure that none of these points is a problem in your life and you will be well on your way to success.

How to Get Started Making Change

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