Getting from one place to the other is very important for all of us, it has always been important. Now, it is easier than it was ever before to travel somewhere due to technological improvements. Just imagine what it was like living with no cars and public transport systems. There are still many improvements we can implement to make it better, and there are some we must implement.

The US is a good example of what car dependency and car-centric cities do to human life. We are led to believe that humans are the ones that should endure cars and behave like cars were always around. This led to us thinking that car accidents are just the price we have to pay for and it is the individual’s responsibility if they are hit. However, this is a completely weird and perverted way of looking at it. In order to stay responsible while driving, you should follow these 6 tips.

1. Continuous Learning Experience

Driving is something that you learn once but need a lifetime to completely master it. It is a continuous learning experience and this course just goes to show you the many aspects of safe driving. Learning about this from professionals is the best way to truly understand safe driving. Besides staying safe, you are also doing your car a big favor by driving with care. You are less likely to cause wear and tear on your car and you will lower fuel consumption this way.

2. Rest Levels

Besides boozing and cruising, driving without any rest is the next big cause of accidents. If you haven’t slept well or feel sick, you should not drive. You are already barely functioning under such stress which will impair your driving capabilities. 

This is a big problem for truck drivers due to their employers not respecting their basic needs. If you are under pressure to drive under unsafe conditions, you should know that you have rights. It is important to fight against this kind of driving for your sake and the sake of others on the road.

3. No Distractions

A road is always a dynamic place that is impossible to predict due to a vast number of variables. Thus, it is important to minimize other distractions and focus on what is ahead. One of the biggest distractions of today is phone usage, it is not worth it to check notifications. Unless it is an emergency situation, which most of the time is not, there are no excuses. That notification will have to wait until you stop somewhere, notifications are not a priority on the road.

4. No Rushing

Doing anything in a rush usually results in the opposite effect that you are looking for. In many cases, rushing leads to you doing something under pressure which results in more time lost than expected. There is no need to drive aggressively on the road and tailgate everyone. You are not in a race with everyone else and you are just causing a ruckus for other drivers. Just take your time on the road, and you will arrive anywhere you need to in time.

5. Trucks

You need to understand the vision of truck drivers in order to drive safely in their presence. Trucks have blind spots, zones where the driver can’t see due to the size of the truck. They can’t see a meter or two directly in front of them and they can’t see anything directly behind them. Their vision to the right is lower compared to their vision to the left, depending on the region of the world. Thus, it is important to know this fact and drive carefully in these zones.

6. Thinking About Other People

If you are not concerned with your safety on the road, you should still think about other people. Road accidents usually result in more than one victim, people that care about their safety. In the same regard, if you are a careful driver, you should know that there are reckless drivers out there. It is important to think about these aspects of driving before you are put in a pinch situation on the road.

With these 6 tips, you are bound to become a safer driver and not become a menace on the road. It is integral to stay safe and always be on the lookout while we are still dependent on cars. 

However, this is not a systemic solution, it is just a temporary solution to keep us safe for some time. The real solutions will come when public transport becomes more available over time in order to limit car usage and thus dangers and other side effects of car dependency.

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