The clarity for action comes with transparency and committing to one thing. If you know you need to get to the grocery store in the next 10 mins, the steps you need to take become clear. If you are unsure of where you need to go, how can you figure out the action that you need to take next? This is a common problem! People tend to want to figure out what to do to feel busy, but its a waste of time. All work should have the most impact on the moment that you can have. When you are goal setting for success, you begin to focus on less and less. 

It's not so much about what he decides, but it's about choosing in the first place. It's scary to say that you are going to stick with one thing, and because of that, people tend to shy away from doing it.

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Commit and Lock-In ?

My brother called me on the phone one day, and he was talking to me about what he wanted to be an expert on. He is an artist, but he had struggled to figure out what direction he wanted to take his art. He had decided he was going to create his painting technique called “Perspective Art,” and that would be his thing.

Here's why that is brilliant. It's not so much about what he decides, but it's about choosing in the first place. It's scary to say that you are going to stick with one thing, and because of that, people tend to shy away from doing it.  Its easier to leave your options open then it is to commit, and that goes for anything.

Once he decided on perspective painting, next steps became clear. He knew what to do with his site. He knew that he would work on painting every day, and he figured out what his book would be about. Choosing to commit allows him to lock in and focus on what mattered.

  • Commitment Is Scary But Necessary
  • Commitment Creates Clarity For Next Steps

Mission - Goals - Habits ?

The reason the Habit Stacking System relies on the mission, your goals, and your habits. You need all three of these things for clarity and progress. The mission is where you want to go with your life. Your goals are where you want to go in the next month – 50 years to get to the mission. Your habits are what you are going to do every damn day to make sure that you get there. You can't say you are goal setting for success if you don't rely on habits everyday. 

Example of Committing to One Thing

Mission – To help 10,000,000 people change their life through their habits while becoming the leading authority of habit building for entrepreneurs and minorities.

Goals and Habits to Go With Them

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Revenue of Over $1,000,000 in a year from Course

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Goals need corresponding habits that will help me make sure that I reach these goals. Nothing is guaranteed of course, but you know they get you closer.

For example, you can shoot a basketball every day, but that does not mean you will go to the NBA with certainty. There are always other factors. But if you don’t shoot every day, I guarantee you that you won't make it.

This mission – goals, and habits make sure that you have everything you need to succeed in the long run. If you try and focus on practices with no goals or mission, you will quit after a while. Think about reading; it does not have any benefit for at least a few years. You don’t read 25 books and become phenomenal right away.

If you’re reading because you want to master a subject that will help you reach your mission, it gives you the motivation because you can see the big picture. The big picture is the motivation, but the habits are the small dirty details that add up to create success.

  • Goals Need Habits To Support Their Pursuit

Committing to One Thing and Having The Courage to Say No ?

You can commit and know everything that you need to do to succeed and still fail because you can’t say no. This one is the hardest for me by far. Everything looks good, and you want to chase after everything. There a few different reasons people can’t say no.

  1. You’re too nice
  2. You’re too damn greedy (that is me)
  3. You think you can do more than you can

If you’re too pleasing, you say yes to stuff because you’re thinking about other peoples feelings. You end up saying yes to the wrong things.

When your too greedy, you say yes because you see everything as an opportunity to make money or be more, this is a horrible mistake, and you should run from this as fast as you can.

Sam Walton got rich as hell doing one thing. Not only is the logic deniable, but it shows you are chasing success for the wrong reasons.

Don’t overestimate what you can do in a day or a short period. In 10 years you can build anything you want to develop. In a day you can get as far ahead as you think you can.

No matter the reason, you need to say no more!

  • Saying Yes To Everything Will Take Away From Your Commitment
  • Start Thinking About Your Goals Over Others

Take Action and Gain Your Super – Power ?

Everyone can be a superhero, but to do it, you must be confident. The one thing I love about teaching about habits is that it can make anyone more confident. The reason is that you show up day in and day out and do the things that you said you were going to do.

You can never be confident in yourself if you say you’re going to stop doing something and you keep doing it anyway. It makes you feel weak and pathetic. Habits are actions that show up every day. When you have clarity because you know where you are going, you get confidence that comes along with that. The more confident you are and the better you get at goal setting for success. 

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