The problem of doing chemistry homework always remains relevant. I will not focus on the details, but here are the main important points I would like to discuss. This is one of the most pressing issues for those who study chemistry. Homework is an old problem that needs a new solution. And here, it turns out that there is no unambiguous view of its solution.

Some believe that without homework, it is impossible to complete the curriculum, while others believe that homework is the purest formalism since the objectives of the lesson must be achieved in the lesson itself. I am deeply convinced that properly organized chemistry homework reinforces the material learned at school, and that homework is an inevitable part of the educational process.

If you face some problems while doing your homework, you can get chemistry help online. An expert will assist you in doing your assignment. In this way, you will deal with your homework much faster and will get a positive result.

Why you need to do chemistry homework

Properly organized homework teaches you to work independently, develops a sense of responsibility, and helps to “save” the acquired new, necessary knowledge. We must always remember that students do not have a button by pressing which the received information is saved, and you need to know that a student will remember all the learned material only by repetition in the form of chemistry homework in new conditions.

This means that homework should be considered as a task that was dictated by the lesson itself in order to consolidate the learned material in the form of independent activity and somewhat in other changed conditions. But sometimes, students, even those who study well, have difficulties with chemistry homework. In this case, they need help.

Some students care only about the availability of completed chemistry homework and not its quality. They refuse to check their homework, not because they don’t want to, but because they don’t know how to do it. Very often, parents are overly active, offering their child to complete additional tasks without consulting with teachers. Parents try to take on the role of a teacher and try to explain the topic to the student once again, and such an approach can confuse the student and their teacher; in their eyes, they can lose authority, and the student can lose interest in learning.

How to increase the quality of chemistry homework

To avoid moments that can lead to a decrease in the quality of homework, I think the student needs to:

  • Get some recommendations for organizing independent work in the process of doing homework;
  • Work out the techniques and methods for doing homework;
  • Find the best way to optimize chemistry homework.

But first, the student must:

  1. Find out the reasons for the difficulties in doing homework;
  2. Understand the place of homework in the system of educational activities;
  3. Identify problems affecting the quality of homework.

Why do students have issues with chemistry homework?

Not all subjects at school are given to students with the same level of ease. Some disciplines can be especially difficult to master. This is true, for example, in chemistry.

If you understand that you have problems with chemistry homework, use the services of additional training with a tutor or use helping services. You will show very good results in this case. The aim of the helping services is to increase students’ interest in the subject and to explain complex concepts in a simple and accessible language.

Chemistry homework is considered one of the most difficult in the school curriculum. This is due to the following points:

  1. It is necessary to learn well the base, which is Mendeleev’s first periodic table. In this case, one should know not only the location of the elements in the table but also their physical and chemical properties.
  2. To solve complex equations with reactions, you should know mathematics well since the principle of their solution is based on mathematical formulas.
  3. There are many concepts and terms which you need to be able to navigate. This includes definitions such as atomic structure, designation unit, valency, hydrogen bond, and the like.
  4. Many chemical processes can only be understood through practice. That is why the textbooks are accompanied by a large number of images with molecules in two and three dimensions.
  5. To use formulas, it is not enough just to memorize them. It is necessary to delve into the essence of the transformations to understand their ultimate goal and features. Only in this case the use of formulas will be an understandable process for the student.

What you need to know to do chemistry homework well

  • Basic chemical concepts.
  • Properties of oxygen, hydrogen, and water.
  • Systematization of chemical elements.
  • The structure of the atom.
  • Chemical bonds.
  • The theory of solubility.
  • Sulfur and its compounds.
  • Safety precautions for handling chemical glassware and equipment.
  • Usage of chemical symbolism.
  • Know the most important chemical concepts.
  • Understand the meaning of the basic laws and theories of chemistry.
  • Name chemical elements, compounds of the studied classes of inorganic substances, as well as organic substances according to their formula.
  • Explain the physical meaning of the atomic number of a chemical element, group, and period numbers in the Periodic system and characterize the elements.
  • Know the patterns of changes in the structure of atoms, the properties of elements within small periods and main subgroups, as well as the properties of the higher oxides they form.
  • Understand the essence of the process of electrolytic dissociation and ion exchange reactions.
  • Characterize the relationship between the composition, structure, and properties of inorganic substances. Know their chemical properties.
  • Determine the valency and oxidation state of an element in a compound.
  • Classify the types of chemical reactions; know the possibilities of their occurrence.

Chemistry cannot be taught without experience. It is important to understand the basics of chemical processes. But doing experiments on your own at home is not safe. On Youtube, you can watch colorful chemical experiments. Each action is explained in detail – just watch and remember.

Chemistry is a school subject that is not easy for all students. However, this does not mean that you should give up on the process of learning. The best option is to do additional training.

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