Harbhajan Singh Khalsa, also known as Yogi Bhajan and Siri Singh Sahib to his followers, was an Indian-born-American yogi, spiritual teacher, and entrepreneur.  Here are 40 Inspirational Yogi Bhajan Quotes.

Yogi Bhajan Quotes

1. “Every disability is imagined. Every achievement is an experience.” ― Yogi Bhajan

2. “Sometimes bringing out your inner best is the secret of success.” ― Yogi Bhajan

3. “You can never hide from your truth. If you do, you will always be lost.” ― Yogi Bhajan

4. “Life is a continuous vibration of up and down. And in this up and down, try to be neutral; be seated in your own spiritual integrity.” ― Yogi Bhajan

5. “The pair of opposites do not affect a yogi — neither praise nor insult.” ― Yogi Bhajan

6. “If you are willing to look at another person’s behavior toward you as a reflection of the state of their relationship with themselves rather than a statement about your value as a person, then you will, over a period of time cease to react at all.” ― Yogi Bhajan

7. “The fact is that there is nothing more beautiful, more worthy or more conscious than you.” ― Yogi Bhajan

8. “An attitude of gratitude brings great things.” ― Yogi Bhajan

9. “When you don’t go within, you go without.” ― Yogi Bhajan

10. “Gratefulness will make you great.” ― Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan Quotes

11. “The art of happiness is to serve all, and all shall serve you.” ― Yogi Bhajan

12. “If tomorrow a problem comes, just remember who your teacher is. Just remember at that time who is your teacher. You will find a solution. And if that really comes through to you, then believe it.” ― Yogi Bhajan

13. “Life is a lie if truth is not found. Truth is just an idea if it is not lived. It is living that matters.” ― Yogi Bhajan

14. “You may lie to the whole world but never lie to a child because you will hurt his innocence and he will come back on you a hundred times more powerfully later on.” ― Yogi Bhajan

15. “The idea is to just stop. Just wait. Don’t react. Therein lies the whole universe. Just don’t react.” ― Yogi Bhajan

16. “When you talk effectively, be very polite, because if effectiveness does not carry the politeness, it can hurt. Effective talking is from the fifth center, fifth lotus, throat chakra.” ― Yogi Bhajan

17. “The greatest progress in life is when you know your limitations, and then you have the courage to drop them.” ― Yogi Bhajan

18. “Death strikes only those who live in ego. Beyond ego there is no such thing as death.” ― Yogi Bhajan

19. “When you are far away from reality, your fantasy won’t work.” ― Yogi Bhajan

20. “Never curse yourself by limiting your students.” ― Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan Quotes

21. “The power of prayer can bring peace to the earth and peace to the heart.” ― Yogi Bhajan

22. “Remember one thing: listen to everybody very patiently, and act only when you have to act.” ― Yogi Bhajan

23. “Recognize the other person is you.” ― Yogi Bhajan

24. “If you make your body very strong, really strong, it can fight off anything.” ― Yogi Bhajan

25. “If you cannot bless yourself, then nobody can bless you.” ― Yogi Bhajan

26. “Working by heart means using your feelings and emotions to lead you to your spiritual sense of existence.” ― Yogi Bhajan

27. “Prayer without heart is a waste to time.” ― Yogi Bhajan

28. “Those who see whatever is happening around them as God are always tapped into their known and unknown.” ― Yogi Bhajan

29. “Make yourself so happy so that when others look at you they become happy too” ― Yogi Bhajan

30. “Love is a state of mind where you fall and the fall is bottomless. Once you fall in love you cannot stop; if you can stop, you have not fallen.” ― Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan Quotes

31. “Meditation is the creative control of the self where the Infinite can talk to you.” ― Yogi Bhajan

32. “Through meditation, you can calm the mind and develop what is important to you.” ― Yogi Bhajan

33. “Feel good, be good, and do good.” ― Yogi Bhajan

34. “You cannot help but change. So change towards righteousness. It is possible and it is human.” ― Yogi Bhajan

35. “I want to give you the depth and the strength which is yours… the original you.” ― Yogi Bhajan

36. “Soul does not relate to mind; mind relates to soul. It’s a one-way traffic.” ― Yogi Bhajan

37. “All happiness is in the mind.” ― Yogi Bhajan

38. “When you cannot give, you are not God; and without giving there is no God. ” ― Yogi Bhajan

39. “Have wisdom in your actions and faith in your merits.” ― Yogi Bhajan

40. “Hope is not a prediction of the future, it’s a declaration of what’s possible.” ― Yogi Bhajan

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Best Yogi Bhajan Quotes

“Never say things to friends which you don’t want to hear from enemies.” ― Yogi Bhajan
“Love is a self-acknowledgement. When I love myself, I can be so rich that I can love everybody.” ― Yogi Bhajan
“A failure is only a step on the way to your success.” ― Yogi Bhajan

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