Thanks to Covid, we all are stuck in homes and can’t meet our loved ones. But, the couples, aka the love-birds, have still found out some ways to exhibit their love, affection, and loyalty because

“Where there is a will, there is a way.”

Undoubtedly, long-distance relationships work on trust, but to more, they rely on expressions.

The more you are expressive, the merrier you will be, and the more you mingle, the stronger your bond will become.

We have gathered 8 romantic and sensational ways to keep your love intact with your boyfriend or girlfriend who is living far away.

Let’s dive into them.

8 Sweet Things To Do In A Long Distance Relationship

Find here inspiring tricks to keep the fire alive in your valentine’s heart.

1.    28 Days Of February – 28 Valentine’s Wishes

You can easily find long-distance relationship quotes for the whole month of February. Daily, send random love quotes to your lovely partner or spouse to make their mornings memorable and nights blessed (means two quotations a day).

Here are some romantic quotes that we love the most:

  • “Lovely day starts with a love smile within.” – Inspire Uplift
  • “You are the definition of love for me, my baby, my coochie coo.” – Anonymous
  • “I can face every problem if only you are with me. Be my Valentine.”- Anonymous

Fill your digital valentine’s day card with valentine’s day quotes for him or her and send it through an email or Whatsapp to make them know that they are the only person who rules your heart, soul, and mind.

2.    Send Presents To Build A Perpetual Bond

Does your darling person live in a distant place, in another country, and the borders are closed? Don’t worry! However, borders might be closed for human traveling, but must probably be opened to delivering parcels and couriers.

Find some thoughtful gifts for your loved ones, and astonish them this valentine. Undeniably, long-distance gifts amp up the beauty of relationships and bring tears of gratitude to eyes.

3.    Selfies Are Not To Be Missed

No matter where you live and how long you have been waiting to see your lovely man or lady physically, technology has saved many love-partnerships. For instance, due to internet availability, you can click plenty of selfies and send them to your partner on this big day.

Before, love letters were considered equal to half a meeting. But, over time, selfies and digital interaction have replaced those hand-written love letters. So, take your picture, deliver it to your partner through an online messaging app, and enjoy the physical gap.

4.    Dinner Date Using Video Calling Apps

A dinner date is the compulsory part of your valentine’s day, and everyone wishes to make it worthwhile and unforgettable. Though, it isn’t easy for the love-couples living apart. Still, as we conversed before, they search out different tricks to make it happen.

Setting the table with food and having a loved one on a video call can excite both the persons without losing the entertainment factor. On skype/zoom call, you can discuss everything from your valentine’s routine to your wedding plans while keeping the romance alive.

5.    Watch A Movie Together – But, How?

It might have confused many, but we have got this perplexing situation covered for you. Download or search one movie that you both want to watch together, have some snacks and drinks, make a call to your love companions (or ask them to stay in touch on messaging), and play the show.

Moreover, while watching, indulge yourself in a healthy discussion about a movie or pass funny comments to enjoy the time fully.

6.    Spend A Night Talking To Each Other

Do you love talking to your significant other the whole night, but due to some reasons, you both can’t do so daily? Here is a tip! As it’s valentine’s day, don’t overlook the importance of this loveliest day of the year and get along with your beautiful partner on the call by dedicating the whole night.

Sharing your thoughts, insecurities, routine, tensions, and perspectives about anything and everything or telling about some funny situations can jazz up your valentine’s night. No doubt, communication destroys the wall of unfriendliness and brings out peals of laughter by improving the bond.

7.    Compile The Memories In Scrapbook

For this valentine’s day, do something unique but wonderful that lets your sentiments touch the sky. Gather all your photos and memories together and merge them into a single scrapbook. While posting each picture, you are suggested to jot down a memory or circumstances you both have been through.

The memory book should include all your love moments, your cuddles, kisses, and the fun you have made together. Are you getting emotional right now? You must be. Indeed, memories make us cry, but this is the only best way to celebrate love, especially when you both are physically away.

Pro-Tip: Prepare two same scrapbooks and send one to your lovely partner, who is living in a far-off place, and cherish those moments later.

8.    Amaze Him With Your Sudden Visit

Last but not least, one of the sweetest ways to surprise your boyfriend is to startle him with your arrival (if you are lucky enough and your country has opened the borders for traveling). On your entrance, you would see him standing still for a while with amazement, and at the very next moment, he might jump out of his skin with excitement. Cute, right?

Irrefutably, this sudden feeling of happiness can make you both cry with joy and contentment that finally, you both have seen each other.

Read about how you can make others smile here.


As Rumi says: “Love cannot be explained, yet it explains all.”

Your lovely expressions explain every single emotion hiding in your heart. These gestures and words of love would make it clear to your spouse or partner that you hold a special place for them in your heart, and no matter how far you live, it won’t affect your feelings for them. This 14th February, say it all using all the ways mentioned above and let your loved ones know their worth.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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