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Alex Becker is a tech entrepreneur, YouTuber, trainer, author, marketer and influencer. Becker is known for founding email marketing platform “Market Hero”. He is famous for his YouTube videos as well. “The Ten Pillars of Wealth” is a best-seller he wrote to help people achieve more success in their lives. Alex also conducts Shopify training programs and courses on marketing and selling. 

Becker is trying to live a minimalist lifestyle and for that he recently sold his house, car, and many other assets to adapt to it. All the luxuries he had were creating distractions for his future projects. He realized that the bills for these houses and cars were consuming a lot of his money.  Having less has keep him focused on his other goals. Alex Becker has a net worth of $7 million.

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Quotes - Alex Becker Net Worth and Key Habits

''Unless we are hit with true desperation, pain, anger, fear, sickness, or some other extreme circumstance, we will usually stay in our comfort zone until the day we die. That is why people stay in situations they aren’t happy with and why middle class people generally stay in the middle class, but why you also see rags to-riches stories quite often nowadays.'' - Alex Becker

''Imagine you were in the desert and had an oasis that gave you just enough water to survive but never enough to be completely fulfilled. Sure, your oasis sucks a big bag of rocks, but you would likely never leave to look for another oasis if it meant risking your small-yet-shitty, comfortable oasis. In fact, the only thing that could ever push you to find something better was your oasis drying up or an invasion of poisonous snakes or something equally as terrifying or detrimental to your health. It’s a sad thought, but the only way most people achieve true motivation to improve their lives (in a massive way) is when their oasis has dried up and they are in such a bad spot that they have to make a change.'' - Alex Becker

''How easily we will cave into something we don’t want to do as long as it provides us with a comfort zone.'' - Alex Becker

''Taking risks is one of the core beliefs you need to adopt.Let me tell you right now: to become rich, you will have to take risks. Let me repeat that in another way. You must take risks to be successful. (These must be smart and thought-out risks). Haven’t you ever heard of ‘high risk, high reward’? That also equates to low risk, low reward, which is probably the world you’re living in right now.'' - Alex Becker

''If you spend ten years trying to master making money, it’s almost impossible for you to not become an excellent businessperson.''- Alex Becker

Alex Becker Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1: Be Motivated for Real Wealth

Becker believes that if one is motivated they can achieve anything they want. He tries to encourage as many people as he can to build real wealth by detaching time and money. He believes its stupid to trade your time for dollars when you can build things that make money while you sleep. Anything that can make money while you sleep has no revenue ceiling. Getting a job is just what school trains us to do but the wealthiest people create multiple passive incomes. 

Use your job to fund your investments. If you need money to pay your bills that is fine, but don't just settle there when you can do so much more. You should want to be able to do more than just pay your bills. Make the short-term sacrifice and invest your money into an internet business and other smart investments. 

Habit #2: Take Big Risks

It makes more sense to get rich or die trying instead of just getting a job because it seems like the safe thing to do. Take the risk and try out a few internet companies. You only need one to be successful, but if you stick with a basic job, your income will likely look the exact same years later and that sucks. Even if your internet company fails, you will develop skills you can use to land better jobs and build new business ventures. 

Habit #3: Focus On What is Not What IF 

Most people are trained to focus on the what ifs in life. It just leads to regret and future thinking and you can't do anything about either. The past can't be changed and the future is formed by what you do today. If you focus on What is, you will find it easier to stay in the present moment and do the things you need to be successful in the long run. Focusing on what is also helps you to snap back to reality. You have to look at the facts and see things for what they are. 

The 10 Pillars of Wealth: Mind-Sets of the World's Richest People
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Summary - Alex Becker Net Worth and Key Habits


Build Real Wealth


Taking Risks


Focus On What Is 

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