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Andrew Luck built his net worth as an NFL Quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts of the NFL. He played for the team for 7 years before deciding to leave the game early. He played college football for the Stanford Cardinals where he was runner up for the Heisman Trophy in 2010 and 2011. 

He was considered to be one of the best high school players to ever be scouted. He was the first overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft where he went on to become a pro bowler. He is now considered to be one of the best pro athletes to end their careers in their prime. 

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Andrew Luck


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Quotes - Andrew Luck Net Worth and Key Habits

  • My goal is to be the best quarterback I can be for the Colts, and hope that it's good enough. - Andrew Luck
  • I'm not afraid to say I'm competitive.  - Andrew Luck
  • I think leadership is most effective when it's your own personality.  - Andrew Luck...
  • Biggest lesson I learned my first year in the NFL is no one gives a crap about what you did last week
  • Andrw Luck Net Worth and Key Habits

    Habit #1 - Toughness 

    Andrew Luck was one of the most hit QB's during his seven year career. The Colts never had a great O-line to protect their star player and it led to him taking a lot of hits. The damage he took over these years probably played a role in him deciding to leave the game early. Either way, he was one tough son of a gun. He never backed down and he refused to stay down. He was the first one to get up after tough hits and would avoid missing games at all costs. 

    Toughness is underrated now. Everything is all about feelings and expressing yourself and though there is a time for that, you can't always rely on it. Sometimes you have to be tougher than the problem standing in front of you. Problems need to know that they can knock you down but there is nothing that can be done to keep you out. 

    Habit #2 - Know Your Worth 

    Andrew Luck knew his worth while he was in the NFL and it helped him to land a whopping 5-year $139 Million contract. Then he was able to walk away from the NFL because he knew his worth and he understood that no amount of money could buy him his health. He walked away knowing that his life was worth so much more than money and that is not an easy thing to do. 

    Do you know your worth? Do you demand that you get paid for the value you bring to the table? Are you working on your skills constantly to make sure that your value increases? You have to know your value! If you don't know your worth other people will take the opportunity to devalue you. Other people will have no problem giving you less than you're worth. 

    Habit #3 - Be a Student 

    Andrew Luck was able to attend Stanford University because he is a smart guy. He got a degree in architectural design. The man threw for records and almost won the Heisman while studying to be an engineer.

    He is a student of everything he puts his mind on. He is hungry to learn and improve in every way that he can. He did this as a student at Stanford and throughout his entire football career. His hunger to learn has forced him to study everything about his craft and weaknesses so that he can improve daily. 

    You don't have to be an engineer to be a student but you do need to have a hunger to want to learn. You have to crave knowing every detail and you can never be afraid of asking a bad question. The more you learn the more you realize that you don't know. The more you realize that you don't know the hungrier you are to figure out more and that cycle continues. You never settle and begin to think you know it all and don't need to keep working. 

    Summary - Andrew Luck Net Worth and Key Habits

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    Be Tougher 


    Know Your Worth


    Be a Student

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