Are you seeking a steady income stream, portfolio diversification, and tax benefits? Investing in real estate is a stable source of passive income. With real estate investment platforms and apps, you can start investing in real estate with just your smartphone. When you discover the most significant real estate investment applications every investor should have on their phone, you’re in for a treat. Use your smartphone’s convenience to get a head start on your real estate investment. Below are top three real estate investing applications that you should use.

1) Arrived Homes 

Arrived Homes is one of the market’s newest real estate crowd funding platforms, and it’s gaining much traction. It is unsurprising given that the company allows investors to purchase shares of rental properties for as little as $100. The organization takes care of all the hassles of being a landlord, such as identifying and acquiring properties, finding tenants, and managing the day-to-day property management operations. Investors receive a portion of the rental revenue each quarter, while the properties they invest in grow in value. You just need to create a free account on the website and go through the available properties.

New rental properties on the “Arrived Homes” site are frequently fully funded. Hence you can reserve shares of prospective properties before they become available, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any excellent investment opportunities. Although residential real estate has been the best long-term investment in modern history, many people cannot participate in it due to operational difficulties and more considerable upfront cash requirements. Arrived Homes believe that by removing the hurdles to investing in rental properties, millions of people will be able to benefit from this great asset class.

2) Fundrise

Fundrise is a real estate startup that uses crowdsourcing to connect investors with premium private commercial and residential investment opportunities. It has a minimum investment requirement of $500 and claims to have a network of over 130,000 participants. That’s right; you read that correctly. All it takes to become a “real estate investor” is a $500 investment. In general, Fundrise is simple to use and dependable. Furthermore, the firm makes investing simple outside public markets, which is an excellent method to diversify your portfolio.

You can also monitor your Fundrise investment account’s performance, explore real estate investment possibilities, and keep up with your newsfeed’s newest real estate trends. This is after investment possibilities, and keep up with your newsfeed’s newest real estate trends. This is after a fast registration and filling out your investor profile. Fundrise’s mission is to provide the most satisfactory real estate investing experience possible. The company offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, making real estate a wise investment for any portfolio. There are a few Fundrise competitors available, but none of them compares with Fundrise. Before investing with Fundrise, investors are strongly advised to conduct their research and investigate outside the platform to ensure it is a viable alternative.

3) App

Real estate investing has numerous advantages and disadvantages. The benefits, in my opinion, outweigh the disadvantages. You can uncover flip investing chances to generate money in real estate with’s app. From the desktop view, you can get a snapshot of the Minneapolis, Minnesota, foreclosure market above. However, has a mobile app that allows you to search for properties on the move and receive notifications about new auctions, listings, and more. The mobile app is for you if you like the approach of buying distressed assets.

The key attraction of’s app is the lower property prices that investors can expect. Investors can look at bank-owned and foreclosed properties on and bid on them for prices typically well below the home’s actual value. Users can search and investigate properties on so that they are sure when they locate one that satisfies their criteria. Then, at live or online auctions, investors will submit a bid. If you win the auction and the property, also provides investing assistance to assist you with the next steps. This process can be performed on their website, but it’s also a good fit for their mobile app.

Now, What Next?

Real estate investment is now easier than it has ever been. You don’t have to be a multimillionaire to excel in it. More so, you don’t have to spend months flipping a house to make a profit. Whether you’re an accredited investor, you can invest in real estate using these online real estate investment apps. Check the amount of money you have to invest, compare the various real estate platforms, and jump into real estate investing right now to enjoy steady passive income.

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