Are you looking to take over the world with your new business? You need to know the best books for starting a business. There is a good reason that most entrepreneurs are readers. Think of reading like software updates for your brain.

Imagine all the software and apps on your phone stayed the same year over year. You would have to find new products. Instead, apps can push out new versions that improve the outcomes and fix small issues. Your brain gets to do the same thing when you read.

To stay successful in business, you have to keep learning and getting better. When you're not able to do this, you get left behind and go out of business. To make a list of the best books for starting a new business, books had to help in one of these five areas:

  1. Courage
  2. Direction
  3. Business How To
  4. Inspiration 
  5. Persistence 

10 Best Books for Starting a Business 

#10 - $100 Startup

$100 startup will make you realize that you don't need a $250k seed round to get your business off the ground. The book follows the stories of entrepreneurs who got their businesses off of the ground for nothing.

Not only did they start with nothing, but they were able to turn their business into full-time vocations. There is no way you can have the best books for creating a new business list and not include this.

Who This Book is For: 

  • Scrappy entrepreneurs 
  • People wanting to start a business without using much money to start 
  • Anyone who needs ideas for businesses to start 

#9 - The Dip

The Dip drives home a message that can save you a bunch of time spinning your wheels. You need to be the best if you want to succeed. The best thing you can do is quit quickly because you know you're not going to be #1.

If you know you can be number one, then experiencing all of the pain to succeed is worth it. There is no point in going through hell, only to realize that it would never work out anyway.

Who this book is for: 

  • Anyone wondering whether they should quit or push through 
  • If you need to know how to be persistent as an entrepreneur 

#8 - The War of Art 

The War of Art - best books for starting a business

The War of Art is all about the opposing forces you will when you try and do what you were called to do. In the book, it's called resistance; some would call it the devil. The point is that there will always be opposition when you want to think outside of the box.

The book does a great job of making you think through procrastination and how it holds you back. You also are confronted with your resistance and how often you have allowed it to derail you from doing your best work.

Who this book is for: 

  • Anyone trying to overcome the fear of starting a business
  • A great quick read before you take any risks  
  • If you feel like family and friends are holding you back 

#7 - Three Feet From Gold

Three Feet from Gold is a must-read book for those looking for the best books for starting a business. The book follows the journey of a guy who was not doing much with his life before becoming an entrepreneur. You may relate to some parts of the story a lot since you're looking to start something new.

The book will highlight the power of persistence, but it also spotlights why mentors are so important. You can get one mentor and learn at an exponential rate because of that person.

Who this book is for: 

  • Anyone looking for a mentor
  • If you are at your wits end and you want to quit 
  • If you love knowing about people's journey to success 

#6 - Remote

Remote - best books for starting a business

It should be no surprise that Remote made a list. After Covid-19 rocked the world, you will want to read this book that is way ahead of its time.

Many people read this book, and though it was crazy, and argued that there is no way everyone could be remote. Then COVID hit and everyone went remote. The book makes an argument for going remote, but then also tells you how to do it.

Who this book is for: 

  • Anyone thinking of making their business remote
  • Anyone  wanting to know how to build an effective remote team 

#5 - Dare to Win 

Here is the motivational book for the best books for starting a business list. It would help if you had some motivation because there will be days that you will need it. Starting a business is hard, and you will need a book you can go to when you need to be picked up. The book has some substance as well. The book points to some tangible things you can do to better yourself and your business.

Who this book is for: 

  • Anyone who needs some motivation 
  • When you need help setting a vision for your business

#4 - Drive

The author does a fantastic job of laying out where the drive comes from. The book explains the motivation to its core. The three things you need to stay motivated in the long run are: 

  1. Autonomy 
  2. Mastery 
  3. Purpose

If you are missing any of these three things, you may be motivated for some time, but it will likely not last. When you are trying to stay motivated or maybe motivate an employee, you must make sure these bases are covered. 

Who this book is for: 

  • Leaders of people 
  • People who are lacking purpose 
  • Micromanagers should read this book

#3 - Productivity Project 

Productivity projects do a fantastic job of taking many stats and findings and breaking them down in an easy to read way. The author tries out many different tests to figure out what maximum productivity looks like.

Every entrepreneur needs this book because you need to learn to be as efficient with your time as possible. It's not about working long hours but trying to make the hours you do work count as much as possible. If you struggle in this area, this book could easily be the most important list of the best books for starting a new business.

Who this book is for: 

  • Busy people 
  • Entrepreneurs who want to have work life balance
  • Anyone who works long hours 

#2 - Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich was written in the early 1900s and is arguably one of the most read and gifted business books globally. It's a tried and true classic that has stood the test of time.

The book begins with one of the best stories on why you need to be persistent. Then from there, go step by step on what you need to do to be successful in life. It will help if you read this book a few times.

Who this book is for: 

  • Every person should read this book once 
  • People who struggle with mentally seeing themselves as successful 

#1 -The E-Myth

The E-Myth is what will take to you from being self-employed to being a business owner. The book is excellent and helps you understand why McDonald's is so big without having the best burger. Its because Mcdonalds focused on building the best system.

McDonald's works because they have a system that does not rely on one person. It's a teachable system and its why they franchise so well. Too many people start new businesses, and they want to play every role to maintain control. The book explains how to own a system instead.

Who this book is for: 

  • Control freaks
  • Tired entrepreneurs
  • People who like the idea of franchising 

Need More Book Ideas?

You can never read too many books. The key is to read the best books. Life is short, and you don't have time to read crappy books. The following lists will give you some Amazing books to reads, so you know you're only learning from the best.

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