Here are the 7 best books for starting a business in the music industry. These books all come packed with insight, advice, and tips to get yours to the top of the music business. To succeed in music, you need talent, some luck, persistence, and a lot of hard work. You can make more money and create more opportunities if you take more time to study the business. 

  1. How to Get Started
  2. Insider Tips 
  3. Expert Advice
  4. Marketing
  5. Distribution  

7 Best Music Business Books

Honorable Mention - The Song Machine: Inside the Hit-Factory

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Believe it or not, there is a science on making a great song that everyone can listen to. There is a reason some songs get all the radio play and get stuck in your head while others have no chance of it at all. 

Who this book is for: 

  • People already making music who want to have a song go viral
  • Anyone who wants to understand the science and business behind good music 
  • What sets 

#7 - Streaming, Sharing, Stealing: Big Data and the Future of Entertainment 

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"Streaming, Sharing, Stealing" helps you understand what the internet has done to the music business. Because of streaming services, the way music is consumed is much different. The book helps you understand streaming and the music business so you can keep up or stay ahead. That's why it is one of the best books for starting a business in the music industry.

Who this book is for: 

  • Anyone with plans to use streaming services to distribute their music 
  • Musicians who want to stay ahead of the curve with streaming 

#6 - This Business of Music 

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The book is on its 10th edition, which shows it has done a great job staying up to date over the years. The book is one of the best for digging into the legal aspect of the business. Everyone has heard horror stories like what happened to TLC. The book helps artists to understand what is legally happening in the business. 

Who this book is for: 

  • People wanting to become lawyers in the music business
  • Any artist wanting to sign with a label
  • Musicians that want to know their rights 

#5 - Start Your Music Business

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In this book you will learn about the legal aspects of the music business with a bit more of a focus on royalties and earnings. It digs into the details of masters, samples, covers and so much more. You want to read this advice from the author who is a lawyer. 

Who this book is for: 

  • Anyone who plans to make money with their music
  • Anyone who would like to avoid being sued 

#4 - Real Artists Don't Starve 

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The title of the book says it all. It fights back against the idea that all artists don't make money. Instead, the author lays out a plan for creatives to make money and leverage the internet. One of the best books for starting a business in the music industry or any creative industry.

Who this book is for: 

  • All creatives  
  • Anyone who has had their work stolen or undervalued
  • Artists that struggle with business

#3 - The Music Business Advice Book: 150 Immediately Useful Tips From The Pros

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Get advice straight from the mouths of people who have already done what you want to do. This book is a go to for anyone who loves to learn from the best. The book covers everything but not all the wisdom is conventional wisdom like in other books. 

Who this book is for: 

  • Any artist wanting to learn from the best 
  • Anyone looking for the secrets to success in music 

#2 - How to Make it In The Music Business 

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The book covers a bit of everything on what it will take, but it was made for the modern era. You will learn how to use social media, mastering merchandising, and how to build your fan base from the ground up. The book can be a go to guide to get any musician off of the ground. 

Who this book is for: 

  • Every aspiring musician  
  • Any musician that lacks business skills 
  • Anyone struggling to build a fan base 

#1 - All You Need to KNow About the Music Business 

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The book is often referred to as the bible of the music industry. The book is deep and has more than 500 pages of content to help you understand the business well. It will help you understand streaming, copyright, record deals, commissions, fees. The book is comprehensive and detailed and every musician should read it. That is why this is one of the best books for starting a business in the music industry.

Who this book is for: 

  • Anyone who aspires to be a musician or manage a musician
  • Anyone who only wants to buy and follow one book on the music business 

Need More Book Ideas?

You can never read too many books when looking to rise in the music business. You're going to need to learn to perform, manage your money, talk to the press, market yourself, lead, etc. Here are some books list that can assist you.

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Ready to create lasting results?  Check out James Clear’s Best Selling book, Atomic Habits If you’re only going to read one book on habits, this is it!  Clear’s book is not only engaging, it’s full of practical, actionable advice focused on helping you obtain real and lasting results. 

Ponder your yesterday, did you do your best?  

If so, celebrate your success like crazy.  And if not, today is a new day.  Reflect on what “your best” looks like, and focus on getting 1% better!

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