Blake Shelton Net Worth = $80 Million

Blake Shelton is an accomplished country music singer, songwriter and voice coach. He also doubles as a record producer, author, actor, composer, and a TV personality.

Shelton is one of the wealthiest celebrities in America. Shelton started singing at a tender age and he knew to play guitar at the age of 12.

Shelton signed his first recording contract in 2001, with Giant Records, and his first country music single, ‘Austin’ was a hit song. He never looked back and today he is among the most popular country music singers in the country. Shelton also works, as a voice coach in the popular show ‘The Voice’. 

His earnings of over $20 million annually make him one of the highest-paid showbiz personalities globally. Shelton has sold over 35 million singles worldwide and over 10 million albums. He also makes good money from TV shows, live shows, and acting. His net worth is approximately $80 million as of 2021.

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Blake Tollison Shelton


Coach on The Voice

United States


Quotes - Blake Shelton Net Worth and Key Habits

“What I do is what I like; if I'm not as famous as I'd like to be, I've done it to myself.” - Blake Shelton

“I stand by the stuff I say, even the really stupid stuff. I'll find a way to justify it.” -Blake Shelton

“Shoot, man, I love everybody! I don't have time to hate.” -Blake Shelton

“My fans are the best; I love hanging with them.” -Blake Shelton

“Learning to not be selfish is what has changed in me the most since being married.” -Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1: Appreciate People that Uplift You

You cannot be successful in life working alone. You need other people who appreciate your work. For instance, a singer needs an audience and a business person needs customers. Blake is on record for saying, “My fans are the best; I love hanging with them.” He always tries to appreciate his fans because he knows he is nothing without them.

Never disregard people who uplift you or contribute to your success. You should appreciate them so that they will continue supporting you. The journey to success is a long one and you can accomplish your goals quicker if you are on good terms with people that love you. Appreciate the people you work with and they are less likely to turn on you. 

Habit #2: Don’t Mind What People Say

Shelton says that he has no time to hate or mind what other people say. It is normal for people to talk as long as you are a national figure. He does not care, as long as he is happy and he is not involved in unethical or unlawful behaviors. Blake only focuses on things that make him happy.

Let people talk because that is what they do best. You cannot stop people from talking or control anything else that they do. Some people will say good things about you while others will say bad things to pull you down. 

Habit #3: Stay Focused

According to Blake, successful people do not lose focus regardless of things that happen to them. Blake says that singing is his calling and he does not know how he finds himself in TV shows. However, he tries his best not to lose focus and jeopardize his singing career. He cannot trade singing for something else.

You are likely to face many things along the journey to success. Some of them can easily make you lose focus if you are not cautious. Follow your calling and remain focused at all times. It is good to try other things that come your way but never forget your goals and ambitions.

Summary - Blake Shelton Net Worth and Key Habits


Appreciate People that Uplift You


Don’t Mind What People Say


Stay Focused

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