People spend so much time trying to figure out how high to set their goals. What if all that time spent is a waste of time? Stretch goals allow you to bring your goals passed 100% of completion. Crowdfunding campaigns made stretch goals more mainstream. Campaigns would hit their goals, and they create incentives to keep the campaign going. You can apply this same method for goal setting for success to reach new heights.

Habit Stacker is a great place to start building your habits. The app will allow you to track any habits that you deem fit. Everything you need to do will be in front of you.

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What is a Stretch Goal?

You cannot utilize stretch goals until you know what they are. Stretch goals are marks that you set that surpass your original goal. They are a great way of saying that it's not over until you hit your deadline.

You know the saying that a goal without a deadline is a dream. You have to give it a deadline to make it real. To have a stretch goal, you need to have a deadline. If you say you are going to save up $10,000 a specific date and you reach the goal three months early, you have to make a choice. You can call it quits and say that you have reached your goal. If you are more ambitious, you have the perfect opportunity to set a stretch goal.

In the next three months, you can move the goal to $12,000 hence stretching to a new level. The purpose of doing this is to never take your foot off of the gas when things are going well.

When Should You Use a Stretch Goal?

It's important to know when it's appropriate to set a stretching goal. If you're asking people for money, for example, it may seem shady to all a sudden change your goal to a new number. There is an appropriate time to set a stretch goal and a great time to be happy with what you have.

First things first, all personal goals can have stretch goals. Stretch goals fit with many of the goals you have. They are a way of pushing you to keep going hard and there is no goal setting for success without it. 

Things get tricky when other people get involved. It's essential that you only set a stretch goal when asking for money if you have a purpose for the money. It's never wise to set a stretch goal because you believe you can get more money. You will upset the people who have supported you up until this point.

Stretch goals also work well when you want to teach people a lesson. Most people underestimate how much they can push themselves. If you ask them how many push-ups they can do, they can usually do more than they think. Mental restrictions block them from reaching their potential. If you can push someone to hit a goal and then turn around and throw a stretch goal at them. It will give them a purpose to keep going past what they thought they could.

Why Not Set The Stretch Goal as Your Original Goal?

Your stretch goal is going beyond what you thought you could. It's hard to set goals without enough data. A 20-year-old company can come up with more accurate predictions then a young one can. An older company has data to base decisions on.

If you have the data to set individual goals, you may not need stretch goals. Most people set goals in an arbitrary manner. They choose targets that sound good and hope for the best. If you get in the habit of setting a normal goal as a stretch goal, you risk losing confidence.

There is nothing worse than coming up short of your goals. When you can hit your target and still have time left it excited everyone involves. It provides a spark and the perfect time to set a stretch goal.

If You Stretch Your Goals, Stretch Your Habits

Do not get confused. You reach goals with daily habits. If you lose 20 pounds and set a stretch goal for 40, you need 40-pound weight loss habits. If they aren't, you need to make a change.

Outcomes are the results of daily habits. Think about it for a second. Would you bet on the person who has the goal of getting straight As? Or would you bet on the person who reads for an hour a day, and reviews what they learned each day? That is an easy call because a goal is a wish without the habits to back it up.

How to Set Stretch Goals in Habit Stacker

Habit Stacker is a great place to start building your habits. The app will allow you to track any habits that you deem fit. No more wondering if you did it last Thursday or not. All your habits will be ready to go in the morning. No more wondering what is next! Everything you need to do will be in front of you.

If you want the chance to go after stretch goals, you need to add accountability partners to your habits. You are much more likely to do the right thing if someone is watching you. The accountability will make sure you are doing what you said you would do. Goal setting for success becomes easy when someone has their eye on you. 

Hey there! Fancy meeting you here in the realm of success and personal growth. Allow us to introduce Habit Stacker, your go-to source for top-notch, life-transforming content. Whether you’re aiming for triumph in your personal or professional life, we’ve got your back!

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