“The thing I love about God is He intentionally guides people into failure.” — Bob Goff. Here are 35 Best Bob Goff Quotes On God And Love.

Bob Goff Quotes

1. “God finds us in the holes we dig for ourselves. We see failures; He sees foundations.” — Bob Goff

2. “We don't really make friends, they make us.” — Bob Goff

3. “The thing I love about God is He intentionally guides people into failure.” — Bob Goff

4. “Courage doesn't mean we're not afraid anymore, it just means our actions aren't controlled by our doubts.” — Bob Goff

5. “God isn't trying to make our lives easier; He wants to make them more meaningful.” — Bob Goff

6. “We all want to have a place where we can dream and escape anything that wraps steel bands around our imagination and creativity.” — Bob Goff

7. “Stop doing what you're able to do and figure out what you were made to do - then do lots of that.” — Bob Goff

8. “I used to think being a believer was enough, but now I know Jesus wants us to participate, no matter what   condition we’re in.” — Bob Goff

Bob Goff Quotes

9. “Most people need love and acceptance a lot more than they need advice.”  — Bob Goff

10. “That's one of those things about love. It always assumes it can find a way to express itself.” — Bob Goff

11. “Jesus doesn’t invite us on a business trip. Instead, He says let’s go after those things that inspire and challenge you and let’s experience them together. You” — Bob Goff

12. “Words people say not only have a shelf life but have the ability to shape life.”― Bob Goff

13. “The brand of love that Jesus offers is more about presence than undertaking a project.” — Bob Goff

14. “People who take huge risks aren't afraid to fail. In fact, they love to fail. It's because failing means they found the edge.” — Bob Goff

15. “Don't let who you were talk you out of who you are becoming.” — Bob Goff

16. “Grace works that way. It's a kind word from a gentle person with an impossible prayer. It's a force sometimes transmitted best hand to hand in a dark place.” — Bob Goff

Bob Goff Quotes

17. “Stand up like a mountain; have faith like a rock; love like an avalanche” — Bob Goff

18. “Think the thoughts you would think if you wholeheartedly trusted God's promises.” — Bob Goff

19. “The teachers I've learned the most from, didn't think they were teaching me; they just thought we were friends.”  — Bob Goff 

20. “Stop telling people how far they have left to go. Instead tell them how far they’ve come.” — Bob Goff

21. “No book is a chapter, no chapter tells the whole story, no mistake defines who we are. Hope makes our lives page turners.” — Bob Goff

22. “Jesus didn't hold people accountable; He just held them close - because it works better.” — Bob Goff

23. “Love one another. We don't need more instructions; we need more examples.” — Bob Goff

24. “You don't need a plan; you just need to be present.” ―Bob Goff

Bob Goff Quotes

25. “God delights in answering our impossible prayers.” — Bob Goff

26. “Keep this in mind, though: loving people the way Jesus did is always great theology”― Bob Goff

27. “God isn't surprised when we want more confirmation. He just hopes we won't get stuck waiting for it.” — Bob Goff

28. “God isn't wowed by fancy words. He delights in humble hearts.” — Bob Goff

29. “It has always seemed to me that broken things, just like broken people, get used more; it’s probably because God has more pieces to work with.” — Bob Goff

30. “Big faith doesn’t need big words. We also don’t need to make faith easier, because it’s not; we need to make it simpler, because it is.” — Bob Goff

31. “Love cares more about who’s hurting than who’s watching.” — Bob Goff

32. “We won't figure out what's sacred in life if we settle for what's safe.” — Bob Goff

33. “I don't know every step I'm supposed to take. I think Jesus just wants me to take the next step.” — Bob Goff

34. “We can be the light of the world without leaving our high beams on and annoying everybody.” — Bob Goff

35. “That the words people say to us not only have shelf life but have the ability to shape life.” — Bob Goff

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Best of Bob Goff Quotes

“God delights in answering our impossible prayers.” — Bob Goff
“That's one of those things about love. It always assumes it can find a way to express itself.” — Bob Goff
“The thing I love about God is He intentionally guides people into failure.” — Bob Goff

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