Chael Sonnen Net Worth =  $11 Million

Chael Sonnen is an American MMA fighter and podcaster who rose to fame through capitalizing on skills in and out of the ring. In the UFC, he fought in the Light Heavyweight and Middleweight divisions. He also had a short stint fighting in the WEC. He earned his respect in the industry by pulling big wins over Quinton Jackson and Michael Bisping.

The fighter was born and raised in Oregon and began wrestling at a young age. He dominated the high school ranks and went on to fight collegiately at BYU and the University of Oregon. He earned All-American honors as a wrestler and finished 2nd on the podium at the World University Games. In 1997, he went pro. 

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Quotes - Chael Sonnen Net Worth and Key Habits

"There were years when my father didn't even make a hundred grand - or barely made a hundred grand - and sure, we had a maid, but she only came twice a week. What do you think happened in the other five days? Do you remember those dishes washed? Do you remember those clothes got themselves in the hamper?" -Chael Sonnen

"I don't know what 'respect' means. That sounds like something a kid in the street says after he's getting ready to take your coat and your shoes."       -Chael Sonnen

"You can never have the comeback if you don't have the retirement."       -Chael Sonnen

"There's a camaraderie that comes with this sport, but fighting Anderson Silva is a lot like eating Chinese food: twenty minutes after I do it, I'm going to want to do it again." -Chael Sonnen

"I would never discredit the sport or my opponent by reading my injury list before or after the fight. I've always thought it's a very underhanded thing to do, and it's a terrifying thing to do, to come out and say, 'I'm hurt,' particularly if you win a fight." -Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Speak The Truth

Chael Sonnen's Net Worth has continued to grow post-professional fighting career because of his podcast- This guy can talk. Different from the talking he was used to doing while prepping for a fight, on the podcast, Sonnen isn't merely talking trash. His words are cause for pause, intellectually.

Sonnen is very opinionated, and it makes his podcast authentic. Often, people don't speak their truth. We are trained to filter what we offer publicly. '"Blend in and be polite." they say. But sometimes you have to speak the truth even if it hurts.

Habit #2 - Embrace The Pain 

Chael Sonnen not only trained like a beast for his fights , but he embraced the pain in all aspects of life. He talks about loving to hear his child crying.

Most people hate the noise of a child crying, but Sonnen embraced it. He accepted that (1) it is a natural part of life, and (2) his child was likely trying to communicate a need. That is a powerful way of embracing anything life throws at you.

Pain is a part of life. How will you respond the next time pains appears? Will you anticipate it? Endure and learn from it? Can you accept that growth and comfort do not go together? Sometimes it is through painful situations that we learn and grow the most.

Habit #3 - Keep Fighting

Sonnen is known for never backing down. He is not scared to go against anyone- He is a mental and physical beast in every sense of the word, and he knows it. For this reason, he walks into every opportunity ready to meet his opponent, literally or figuratively.

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Summary - Chael Sonnen Net Worth and Key Habits


Speak The Truth


Embrace The Pain


Keep Fighting

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