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Matthew Broderick is most well known for his role in Ferris Bueller's Day off. The movie typecast the actor, and most people knew him as Ferriss instead of his real name. None the less, the film was a hit and very nostalgic for many others. Though he has played many different roles since the hit remains his most lucrative.

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I probably wouldn't make a good accountant. I don't even understand what my accountant tells me.



My younger [films], there are always moments I think are not very good, and I would do better now but at the same time, there's a lot that I probably wouldn't do as well. There's something very nice when you start out and you don’t know too much and you're more trusting and there's an ease about the work that's good. You can't lose because you're just thrilled to be there, basically.


My experience with first-time directors is that they’re all extremely prepared, because I guess they’re worried. They spend weeks preparing everything, and they have to get used to the fact that once you get there, everything goes wrong and you have to make everything up.


I had a little accident. I fell of a horse. I'm not speaking metaphorically. I really fell off a horse.... I was on a small horse named Dusty. I was in Ireland. I'd never met Dusty before, and he seemed harmless, and I got on him and said, okay, we're on the beach now, let's canter. And Dusty just froze, and I cantered. Straight over the head. Landed on my shoulder.... I landed, and I thought, I'm rattled but I'm okay, and I know the horse mustn't think he won this battle, so I got right back on him, and he said, "I said get off me!" And I went right off again, and the second time when I got up I was like, something is not communicating correctly between my shoulder and the rest of my body.... They said, "Would you like to try a different horse?" and I said "No, I just want to go to the emergency room now."


Matthew Broderick Net Worth and Key Habits 

Habit #1 - Get Educated 

People rarely talk about actors going to acting school. The assumption is often that actors are just born talented and that they don't need any help to keep succeeding. They show, and it's pretty much all handed to them because of their skill. The truth is that actors go and get lessons more often than not. They get educated in the art of acting, and they learn how to hone their skills no matter how talented they are.

What is your education game plan? You need to have one that is beyond just going to college. Going to college puts you on the same level as most people these days.

Habit #2 - Diversify 

The Matthew Broderick Net Worth needs to say. Thank you to movies like the Lion King and The Bee Movie. Both of these movies did very well in the box office. The Lion King is an all-time classic movie. The only reason it came to be is that he got outside of himself. He did not just go after typical roles, but he got into voice acting as well.

Everyone can mix up their talents a bit. Find a way to approach your skills in a new direction. Make sure that you don't put all your eggs in one basket. For all you know, you could have them in the wrong baskets if you don't try a few things out first.

Habit #3 - Keep Swinging

Matthew Broderick is only known for Ferris Bueller. He made movies before that, no one remembers, and he made movies after it that no one remembers. The point is that you only need one thing to blow up and do well to be set up for life. One big success can open the door for many others. Matthew Broderick has kept at it, and he has continued to keep swinging. 

You can't hit a home run from the dugout or at home. To do it, you need to be on the field, and the ball needs to be pitched, and you must swing. You don't ever turn, and you never get to hit a home run. Too many people try and never swing in life in hopes of avoiding failure, but that is the surest path to failure. 








HB Studio Acting School

Stars in Ferris Buelle 

Plays grown SImba in the Lion King

The Bee Movie

Tower Heist

Summary - Matthew Broderick Net Worth and Key Habits 


Get Educated 




Keep Swinging 

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