DJ Khaled Net Worth = $65 Million

DJ Khaled is a record producer, songwriter, DJ, rapper, and media personality. He is a master collaborator and successfully brings artists together to make good music. Khaled got his start in the '90s as a DJ and had a pretty rough journey to the top, but he made it. 

DJ Khalid produced the following hit songs: 

  • All I Do is Win
  • I'm So Hood
  • I'm the one
  • No Brainer
  • Out Here Grinding
  • I Got The Keys
  • All I Do is Win
  • Im So Hood
  • Im the one
  • No Brainer
  • Out Here Grinding
  • I Got The Keys

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DJ Khaled Net Worth and Key Habits


All I Do is Win

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Quotes - DJ Khaled Net Worth and Key Habits

“And another one.” – DJ Khaled

“Give thanks to the most high.” – DJ Khaled

“I changed… a lot.” – DJ Khaled

“I wanted to see what type of trees is growing in Marcy Projects, what type of water Jay Z was drinking.” – DJ Khaled

“The key to more success is coco butter.” – DJ Khaled

“Those that weather the storm are the great ones.” – DJ Khaled

“You smart! You loyal! You’re a genius!” – DJ Khaled

“God has blessed me because I think. Now I know that I’ve been put on this Earth to make people happy, to inspire people and to uplift people. That’s a beautiful thing. But the only downfall about it is that I really don’t have anybody to do that for me. But it makes me super strong because I do know that if I’m having a bad day, I can come up here and make Ebro and y’all laugh and smile.” – DJ Khaled

“I didn’t want to be an artist in the same place I worked. You could always have people that might feel like you would do something more for yourself.” – DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Stay Away From They

DJ Khaled refers to "they" as negative people and haters. He is intentional about keeping them at bay. Anyone carrying negative energy has no space in his life. Khaled is adamant about surrounding himself with people who both carry and put out good vibes.

You have to keep an eye on the company you keep continually.  Even associations influence your life.  If you let negativity into your life, it creates more negativity. Before you know it, darkness has overcome your light.

Habit #2 - Win Win Win No Matter What 

One of DJ Khaled's top songs is "All I Do is Win, Win, Win." This song is still in circulation around athletic stadiums throughout the world to this day- it is every athlete's anthem.

The goal in any sport is to win, and that is the same attitude that Khaled has concerning his music. He expects every beat, song, and project to be a winner- that is the standard. 

When you step into battle, do you plan to win no matter what? Or has losing become your habit? Never allow yourself to become comfortable with losing. While no one will always win, you should expect it, prepare for, strive to achieve it. When the losses come, and they will examine what went wrong and use this information to win again.

Habit #3 - Bring Greatness Together 

DJ Khaled has a reputation for master collaborations. He brings artists that typically never make music together to form a team, and they end up making magic. 

The outcome is never about him; he is not looking for the credit. His sole objective is to make hits. Khaled has an uncanny ability to do so without even uttering a verse on the track. 

Khaled has a healthy ego. He knows his strengths and his weaknesses. At the forefront of everything he does is to win. To produce the best product- Sometimes, that means putting your ego aside and stepping back so other people can step forward. Instead of trying to do everything on your own, think about who will be a great addition to your team and invite them in.

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Summary of The DJ Khaled Net Worth and Key Habits


Stay Away From They 


All I Do is Win Win Win No Matter What 


Bring Greatness Together 

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