The Dream Net Worth = $11 Million

The Dream is a top recording artist and producer. He is known for writing some of the biggest hits in the music industry. Following the death of his mother, The Dream started writing music. At age 15, he had already learned to play a few instruments but felt inspired to write music.  

As a solo artist, The Dream created hits "I Luv Your Girl, and "Shawty is a 10". These songs were massive hits, and they earned him the 2008 BET Best New Artist award. This award was a pinnacle of his career, for he had experienced success with creating his own music and for others- his growing net worth was evidence of this truth.

Had worked on songs like the following:

  • Touch My Body by Mariah Carey
  • Single Ladies by Beyonce 
  • Umbrella by Rihanna 
  • Baby by Justin Bieber 

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The Dream 


Terius Nash


Co-writing very popular songs 



Dream Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Work Hard 

The Dream was blessed to live with an uncle after his mom had passed away. His Uncle was a blue-collar worker that taught The Dream how to work hard. He was talented as a musician, but he needed to learn how to cultivate that talent. Suffice it to say, The Dream may not have experienced success on a high level had no his Uncle showed him the way.

Everyone can create this habit. You have to be willing to show up when others are not and pay your dues to get better at something. When preparation meets opportunity, you will experience success.

Habit #2 - Use Tragedy to Your Advantage

To have a mother pass away at the tender age of 15 would be hard for anyone. The Dream did what few would and used this traumatic experience to help him grow. Instead of becoming depressed, he drew inspiration to write music more than ever before.

He put down his trumpet and drums for a while and focused on making good music. Soon he would become known for his songwriting skills and go on to make some of the most empowering music for a woman.

What pain in your life could be used as inspiration? Are there negative experiences that you share to benefit that of others? The better you get at using the pain, the more successful you will be.

You have something specific to offer the world. It is through your offering that others may be encouraged to use their pain too. 

Habit #3 - Help Others to Win 

The best thing about being a music writer and a producer is the fact that you get operate behind the scenes. As an artist, the process of releasing albums, sales, and traveling is what you live for. As the producer or songwriter, after creation, you get to sit and back enjoy the fruits of your labor.

You are cheering the artists carrying your work on from the comfort of your own home.  Essentially, earning passive income.  How amazing is that? The Dream takes pleasure in seeing artists he creates music for go on to do great things.

There is something special about helping others to win behind the scenes- you have a sense of pride and gratitude.

Is there a way for you to help someone accomplish their dreams without putting yourself first? Doing good work will always reap a reward. In the present people will take note of your efforts and in the future people will seek you out because of it. 

Summary - Dream Net Worth and Key Habits


Work Hard 


Use Tragedy to Your Advantage 


Help Others to Win 

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