DJ Mustard Net Worth = $8 Million

The West Coast DJ and music producer is best known for his work with rappers YG and Tyga. He got his big break for producing the beat on the hit son, Rack City by Tyga- the song peaked at #7 on the Billboard 100.

While Mustard has dabbled with a solo rap career, his work supporting artists is what allows him to eat. And at $8 Million estimated Net Worth, it is safe to say he is eating well. 

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Dj Mustard


 Dijon McFarlane

Rack City



Quotes - DJ Mustard Net Worth and Key Habits

"Everybody likes the new guy. Being the new guy is cool. But then when you're there for a couple months, you're just the cool guy. I think I'm just the cool guy." - DJ Mustard

"As long as you have a percentage of a song, that lasts forever. You have to study the business. Don't just be in it for money. You have to understand what you're in it for, then get your money." - DJ Mustard

" I think that you're only going to get better if you take time to better yourself, not because someone says you should get better." - DJ Mustard

"I don't want people to think that just because I do club records, I can't do an album record or an R&B single. I can do R&B, I do pop, I do whatever - but it's still Mustard." - DJ Mustard

DJ Mustard Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Put Your Stamp On It

Ever heard the phrase "Mustard on the beat hoe"? If you have, then you have listened to a DJ Mustard track. This phrase has become DJ Mustard's signature- He is sure that it is on every song and beat he touches.

Not only has Mustard successfully stamped his art with this phrase, but doing so ensures his music stands out almost immediately. Fans already know what to expect once they hear, "Mustard on the beat hoe." When you put your stamp on your work, even if people don't know you at first, they will be able to like your full body of work back to you.

Habit #2 - Get In The Game Young

DJ Mustard's Net Worth is at 8 Million dollars because he got in the music business young. He started to DJ at parties when he was just 11 years old. 

Very early, he began to inventory people's tastes while testing his skills. Before long, he knew how to break down, sample, and mix music. These skills would become vital when he started producing and making his music.

Starting young is essential. Success takes time, and when you start young, you have more of it. If you are reading this thinking, "I'm way older than 11!" take a deep breath, then get started. Don't waste any more time.

Habit #3 - Develop Your Skills

Music production is a unique skill. To be successful, you have to understand people, music, software, and how to put all the pieces together to make a hit. DJ Mustard put in the work from a young age to perfect this craft. He credits this grind to wanted to be the best version of himself for himself- He was internally motivated to succeed.

Everyone can develop new skills or perfect an old craft. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts. It will take time, energy, effort, ambition, and sometimes money. If it is important enough, you will invest all that is necessary to win. When these skills become a habit, you will reap the benefits of your work.

Summary of The DJ Mustard Net Worth and Key Habits


Put Your Stamp On It 


Get In The Game Young 


Develop Your Skills 

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