Z-Ro Net Worth = $2 Million

The Mo City Don, is considered to be one of the best rappers from Houston. The New York Times named him one of the most underrated rappers back in 2007. Some say he could be doing a lot more with his music but he struggle to leave his past behind.  

Born in the South Park area of Houston, Z-Ro had a hard experience growing up. He lost his mom when he was just six years old and moved around for a few years before his home life stabilized. Early in his teenage years, Z-Ro discovered his ability to freestyle. He nurtured that newfound ability and created a demo that eventually led to his signing.

Albums That Built The Z-RO Net Worth

  • The Life of Joseph W McVey
  • Let the Truth Be Told
  • I'm Still Living
  • Drug Possession
  • The Village Voice
  • Houston Chronicle
  • Drankin and Drivin

Full Name

Source of Wealth

Known for

Birth Info

Joseph Wayne McVey IV

or Z-RO

Mo City Don



Quotes - Z-RO Net Worth and Key Habits

"Word on the street. Z-Ro bout to do some years, but nahhh my lawyer been paid too much Nd I stay on my knees homie, I pray too much." - Z-RO

"My n*gg* this is hard times. So much smoke can't even see the sunshine.
Lord, could you please have mercy on this soul of mine, and release the blanket because at night it gets so cold sometimes." - Z-RO

"My hood was full of thugs, money, guns, and dope, Finding my stomach full of liquor, my lungs full of smoke. I had a pocket full of stones out there chasing that money, And once I got it, I will be damned if somebody could take it from me. Run-on up, and I'm a dump until the trigger jams, Mothaf**ka, you better realize, that's the type of n*gg* I am." - Z-RO

Z-RO Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Find a Way

The rapper is known for hustling- He could always make a way out of no way. The danger with this habit is it can go both ways quickly- positively or negatively. Say you folded hustling into your music through storytelling, positive. Say you take it to the corner and sell drugs, not so positive.

Z Ro has used this habit for both. One has brought him success as a rapper while the other has done nothing but land him in prison. The choice is yours to pick how you utilize your talents. You can use them to better the world or to tear it down.

Habit #2 - Find Mentors 

Z-Ro was inspired by rappers like 2 Pac, Geto Boys, Steet Military, K-Rino, to stop hustling, move out of the hood and do better.

Mentors can be helpful in many facets. From struggling to learn a new skill to desiring reciprocal relationships, finding the right mentor could be all the help you need. Z-Ro wanted to improve his life with rap, so instead of re-inventing the wheel, he followed the examples of greats before him.

Habit #3 - Rep Where You're From 

Z-Ro blew up because he focused on his people, his environment, and what he knew to be true. It was through this authenticity that he began to gain a following. He did not try to make music for other people or seek to be anything that he was not. He stuck to his roots, and his fan base grew.

You don't need to be anyone other than yourself. Be you, and keep it moving. Work with what you have and give it all you've got.

Summary - Z-RO Net Worth and Key Habits


Find a Way


Find Mentors 


Rep Where You're From

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