There is something that you can do with ease at a very high level. It's a gift for you, and yet you don’t hunt it down? We go to school to learn math, English, history, and all the other subjects, but we spend no time figuring out our gifts. Every soul has a unique calling on it. Many die without finding this calling and its sad.

If you feel like you have not found your calling and have been wasting time, don’t think that way. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. 

"The reason it's so hard to build good habits is that they come with little reward right away. Most of the time, they suck at the moment, whereas lousy habit is the opposite. They reward you right away, but down the road, you pay the price." 

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The Path Can Lead You to The Path ?

I spent a lot of years of my life running track. It got me a scholarship, and it led me to the Olympic Games in 2012. I thought it was my calling, but it was not. That does not mean I was wasting my time, though. It was the path I had to travel that revealed my gift for building habits. I don’t think anything else could have shown me it as the track and field did. Track is not a team sport, so you have to own your results. 

I tell this story because it can often make you feel lost when you think about not knowing your gift. Don’t think about it this way. You are where you are and no matter your age, today can be the start of a new life if you decide for it to be that way.

 All your experiences, successes, and failures have added up to this moment. Now its time to reflect on it all and do something about it. The path you have taken to this point is of value if you decide to use it.

  • There are no wrong paths
  • Learn from everything
  • Add your failures up to succeed

How to Find Your Gift??

Gifts can be tricky to catch because they come so natural to you that you think everyone can do it. When I started running, it was apparent I had talent because I would race other kids and win. I discovered my gift for building habits when I retired from the track, and I was able to do a lot of the same things day and out. I thought everyone was like this, but I realized that most people STRUGGLED with this!

Great Questions to Ask?

  • What did I want to do as a child?

  • What comes easy for me but is hard for others?

  • What things do strangers compliment me on?

  • What skills do I currently have?

  • What have I  been doing for the last ten years?

  • What did I grow up around?

You will notice that your gift will come up over and over again in many of the questions above. It will be something that is hovering in the background, but you have not noticed. The more time you spend thinking about this, the more understandable it becomes.

  • Everyone is not good at that thing that comes easy to you
  • Help people do things they struggle to do and you will make money
  • Ask better questions to find your gift

Gifts Are Not Always Obvious Money Makers ?

Here is where gifts get tricky; you will not get a lot of encouragement when you find your gift. It’s a lot more accepted to say that you’re going to be a doctor or an accountant. People like to know a clear path to success.

When you say your gift is acting, painting, building habits, inspiring people, or helping people through grief with your wiring, the path is not clear. 

When you tell people your unique calling, they may not be able to figure out how you can make money. They immediately shoot you down. Criticism is part of chasing your dream; you need to showcase some grit.

  • Don't expect praise when you choose to follow the gift
  • Most gifts do not have clear paths to success
  • You have a unique calling on your life

Find The Corresponding Habits ?

Once the talent is ready, there are certain habits that you can adopt to increase your chances of success. The reason I love habits is that it makes you focus on the process that produces the desired result. 

Focusing on a result does nothing. How many people wake up and want to have the result of a million dollars? What they need to focus on instead is the process that produces one million dollars. That is why wealthy people can give all their money away if they want; they have the habits to make it back.

Find as many successful people as you can. These are people doing what you want to do and notice habits they all have in common. These habits, in common, will create your process. Then you can add in a few habits that you think you need that is unique to who you are. Add these Habits into Habit Stacker and then go for it!

  • Find habits that match what you desire
  • Focus on the process over the result
  • Find habits successful people share

Jump With Your Gift ?

Steve Harvey talks about this all the time. He says you have to Jump off the cliff once you find your dream and know that your parachute is not going to open all the way. That sucks because it means the ride is going to be scary for a bit. You’re going to free fall and hit some rocks before the parachute saves you.

The System ✅

 Stack – Habit Stack is the system that will be used. Habit Stacking is when you use habits as a cue to start another habit.

Start – Start in the morning to get every day off to the best start. No waiting to get into your habits, when your alarm goes off get on your feet and get into it.

Schedule – You will block off at least the first 30 mins to 1 hour of your day for your habit stack. You will go through your habits one after another with no break. The goal is to get as many of your habits out of the way as possible.

 Show Up – The most crucial part of this is showing up. If you don’t show up for your habits, they will not get done, and you will not reap the rewards.

Start Tiny 

The last point is that you need to start small. You don’t need to be a hero. Before a habit can be optimized, it must be established. Don’t worry about trying to run a mile a day until you can walk for 1 minute a day. 

Starting small is how you increase your chances of sticking with your new habits. When you start small, you’re able to get in the habit of showing up for the habit without it being hard.

The reason it's so hard to build good habits is that they come with little reward right away. Most of the time, they suck at the moment, whereas lousy habit is the opposite. They reward you right away, but down the road, you pay the price. 

All you have to focus on is finding the thing that you do with ease. Then create habits that will cultivate your gift and get you where you want to be. Then take action and put those habits into play every day.

Hey there! Fancy meeting you here in the realm of success and personal growth. Allow us to introduce Habit Stacker, your go-to source for top-notch, life-transforming content. Whether you’re aiming for triumph in your personal or professional life, we’ve got your back!

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