Being a small business owner can be difficult. You work hard, stress consistently, and think endlessly. Unfortunately, working yourself to the bone won’t always equal success. Many failed small business owners work just as hard as their successful counterparts.

So, what makes the difference between a successful small business owner and a failed one? The answer is simple: habits. Habits are the cornerstone that entrepreneurial accomplishments are built upon.

However, while the answer may be straightforward, developing habits isn’t always so simple. Thankfully, routines are an effective way to incorporate critical habits into your daily life and achieve small business success.

Here are ways you can cultivate positive routines as a small business owner.

Start Small

It’s likely that you’re someone with lofty ambitions and even bigger dreams. As a small business owner, you pretty much have to be. However, while thinking big and having the courage to pursue impressive goals is key for pursuing entrepreneurial ventures, this isn’t always the best approach to cultivating routines.

The reason for this is simple: failure is discouraging. When you try to implement a big, incredible routine out of the blue, the odds are stacked against you. In other words, going too big too abruptly almost always means definite failure.

For example, imagine you let your loftiest ambitions dictate your routine. While it would be wonderful to wake up at five am, learn a new coding language, run ten miles, and fit in some time to operate a small business, the chances of pulling this off are slim for even the most motivated entrepreneurs.

Instead, starting small gives you a chance to slowly strengthen and solidify your routine. Rather than going full code red, try incorporating one new habit into your routine at a time. This gives you a chance to get used to new habits without overwhelming or discouraging yourself.

Decide Which Habits Will Benefit Your Business

You’re a small business owner who wants to succeed. While this can be an amazing driving force, it can also make it difficult to cultivate a positive entrepreneurial routine.

As a small business owner, you want your routine to help you cultivate habits that contribute to your business’s success. Though it would be wonderful to learn how to speak Dutch over the next several months, that probably won’t help your business thrive.

A key part of cultivating a positive routine is deciding which habits will benefit your business. Though there may come a time when it makes sense to cultivate new personal traits unrelated to your entrepreneurial ventures, the time probably isn’t now.

It’s essential to fill your new routine with habits that help your business thrive. But don’t let that mislead you into thinking there aren’t many habits to choose from. These new habits can be as disparate as learning the intricacies of business intelligence and data analytics and cultivating your employees into irreplaceable leaders.

Being honest with yourself and making the difficult decisions allows you to craft a routine that helps your business reach success. Though putting off certain habits feels like a sacrifice in the present, it can help your small business thrive in the long run.

Stay Consistent At All Costs

If you’ve ever tried to cultivate a routine before, you know consistency is the hardest part. The first day or two may be a breeze because of your newfound motivation, but after a week of trying to become a master of understanding business expenses, you’ll probably be ready to call it quits.

For everyone cultivating a routine — whether you’re a small business owner or not — staying consistent is the most important hurdle to overcome. Even if you have the most productive day in the world, it doesn’t matter if you can’t do it tomorrow.

To avoid the burnout, and consequent failure, that usually accompanies a new routine, prepare yourself for the challenges. Most importantly, prepare yourself for the feeling of wanting to quit.

By giving yourself the tools to quiet the voices telling you that your new routine is “too hard” or “not worth it,” you’ll be far more capable of developing that new routine. This ability to get going when the going gets tough could be the difference between your business failing and your business succeeding.

You’re Capable Of Finding Small Business Success

At a glance, a simple routine can seem inconsequential. However, upon closer examination, you’ll find that routines are the key to success in many of the most famous entrepreneurial stories.

You have the power to imbue your own small business with success by cultivating a positive routine that helps you hone your powers of leadership and business acumen. So, if you’re ready to take your small business to the next level, start cultivating your positive routine and watch as you and your enterprise thrive.

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