Every year, millions of people get hurt badly enough to need to go to the hospital. In 2021, Americans spent more than $4.3 trillion on health care.

Thousands of people went broke because of health care costs. In the worst cases, insurance could cover trips to the hospital and surgery, and there would still be enough money left over to pay for rehab, therapy, and other things.

Catastrophic injury cases might pay for a person’s lost earning potential if they get hurt badly enough that they can’t work.

How can you tell if you have a case to take to catastrophic injury attorneys? Most of the time, people make these kinds of claims because of the following kinds of injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

TBIs are often caused by mistakes in medical care, car accidents, and/or slip-and-fall accidents. Attorneys must look into each claim to find out who was at fault for the injury and gather the evidence they need to continue a claim.

They have to read the medical literature to figure out what kind of harm the person has been through, such as the short-term and long-term effects on their mental, physical, social, and behavioral health. They must also talk to experts to find out what kinds of treatments and changes in living will help the injured person get back to a good quality of life.

Spinal Cord Injuries 

Most spinal cord injuries are caused by car crashes, sports injuries, bad falls, and mistakes made by doctors or nurses. In these cases, the person may have lasting disabilities. They could also have impairments and may need medical and rehabilitative care for the rest of their lives.

Spinal cord injuries are widespread. Lawyers may be able to help with claims for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, among other things. They may also help their clients get compensation for losses that aren’t related to money, like changes in living and loss of abilities.

Severe Burns

Most people who file cases for severe burns have been hurt enough to change their lives because of heat, chemicals, electricity, or radiation. Most of the time, patients will lose their appearance, be in a lot of pain, need long-term medical care, and be unable to work.

Burn patients could also become disfigured, worry about future medical problems, have trouble doing physical activities, need to go to the hospital often, and find it hard to take care of an injured person, especially if they are also trying to work.


A person can lose a limb because of a car accident, an accident at work, or even bad medical care. This is because amputation is the removal of all or part of a leg or extremity, which a traumatic event can cause. Each claim is completely different, but they all have the same result: after an amputation, a person will have to live a very different life than they did before.

Multiple Fractures

Fractures can range from simple breaks that don’t affect other parts of the body to complicated breaks that require a number of medical specialties and many trips to the hospital. Attorneys like the lawyers from alphaaccidentlawyers.com know in detail how fractures cause a lot of pain. They know how it can affect short-term and long-term problems with how the body and mind work, which can have a terrible effect on a person’s life.

To fight these kinds of claims in court, a lawyer must deeply understand medical terms and treatments. They should as well as an understanding of the legal options open to the client.

These could include special damages for pain and suffering, out-of-pocket medical costs, and lost wages. Fractures can also cause a lower ability to earn in the future and long-term services for mental and physical recovery. 

Crush Injuries

Crush injuries are one of the worst kinds of injuries that can happen when someone is stuck under a heavy item for a long time. Crush injuries can range from small breaks and bruises to damage to organs and nerves or even the loss of limbs. Crush injuries can be caused by many different things, such as car accidents, workplace accidents, building crashes, and sports injuries.

Severe Orthopedic Injuries

Severe joint injuries can have a big effect on a person’s daily life and may even cause them to become disabled or even die. Catastrophic injury lawyers know how to deal with claims that are caused by someone else’s carelessness. These lawyers can also help with accidents such as medical malpractice, car accidents caused by drunk driving, defective goods, and slips, trips, or falls.

For an orthopedic injury, you can get money for your medical bills, costs related to your disability, lost wages, pain, and suffering. An experienced catastrophic injury lawyer can help victims get the full amount they are owed for their losses.

Severe Neck And Back Injuries

Severe neck and back injuries can have a huge effect on a person’s life, causing them to spend more money on medical care and live less well. Most of the time, these lawyers deal with claims that come from car crashes, bad medical care, and injuries at work.

Some people get serious neck and back injuries because someone else was careless, like a driver who wasn’t paying attention or a doctor who gave the wrong diagnosis. In these cases, the person who was hurt might get paid for their medical bills, lost wages, and other losses.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death is a legal term for when someone dies because another person or company was careless, reckless, or did something on purpose to hurt them. In this kind of case, it’s common for the family members of the person who died to go to court to try to find out who killed them.

Some of the most common types of cases for wrongful death are medical malpractice and car accidents. These also include dangerous property conditions, product liability, and accidents at work. Depending on the situation, the family of the person who died may be able to get money for their pain and suffering, funeral costs, lost income, or even criminal damages.

Schedule A Consult With Catastrophic Injury Attorneys Today

Catastrophic injury attorneys help people and families every day with their useful knowledge and skills. They deal with claims like medical malpractice, injuries at work, and car accidents.

They are important to society because they help people get paid and ease financial stress. Contact a catastrophic injury attorney right away to talk about your case.

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