Here is how crazy our society is. We will trade our valuable time away for pay every two weeks. We will also do commit to it knowing very well that at any point they can and will cut us off. Then we cry "I hate my job" and still show up every day.  We know that this is not the only way to live. We see people live their best life, and they are not restricted by many of the things listed below. The points below will make you scratch your head but also encourage you to stop making excuses and make some changes. 

For a second, stop thinking about what is normal and start doing what you want to do. Get outside of the box! There are so many ways to live life.

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Underlying Reasons You Say "I Hate My Job"

1. You Must Request Time Off

Think about this: you are a grown human being that owns a house, responsible for kids. Regardless, you still have to ask someone if you can have time away? Your kid could be in the hospital, and you have to ASK your boss if you can go. People will convince you that it is natural, it's not!

It reminds me of when you are in school, and you have to ask the teacher to go to the bathroom. If the teacher says, no does that mean that you can pee in the corner of the class? Like come on, why are we training people to be slaves like that?

To go to work and have to say "I'm stressed and need a day off," is weird. Even worse, your workplace can say no because it is the wrong time for them. You are grown, and if you need time off, you should be able to take it when you need to. Feeling like a little child will make anyone scream, "I hate my job."

2. Limits to Time Off

I have had friends come running to me excited to tell me how excellent their benefits are. Their workplace offered them three weeks of vacation. Imagine that you went to school for 18 years and racked up $40,000 in debt. Only for the excitement that for three weeks of every year, you can be a human being again.

Workplaces have to limit time off from fear humans will take advantage and not work enough. I understand why we subject ourselves to these conditions. What I don't understand is why we accept it as usual. We were not made to live like that.

Everyone should have unlimited time off because everyone has different needs. Some people can rarely take breaks, and they are alright. Some people get overwhelmed and need a vacation at least every other month. Who cares if they need more time off than others if they get their work done. Employers need to stop making excuses about needing control and let people be free. 

3.You Better Work 40 Hours No Matter What

The problem with the 40 hour work week is that people will stretch work out to take the time that they have. The 40 hour work weeks punishes efficiency. Anytime people get work done in less time; they get told that they have to find other stuff to do to hit 40 hours. That is not a smart move because it's telling people to make sure they take 40 hours to do their tasks.

There is no reward for being efficient; the award is in taking 40 hours to do what needs to be done. If workers were allowed to go home after getting things done in 36 hours, sometimes that would encourage and reward efficiency. Time is money, so you don't want things to take a long time.

You could make the argument that under that system, the employees will rush tasks to be able to go home early. There are things you can do to help ensure quality, but what if someone can do the same quality of work in half of the time? You want them to keep up that pace, not slow down.

Here is the craziest thing of all. The 40-hour work is number someone decided a long time ago. It's a number that someone set as the standard, and we stick to it like it is Gospel.

4. We Will Fire You At Will But Give Us Notice

One of the most disrespectful things you have to deal with as an employee is a two-week notice. They need time to prepare for your departure, but your life is not worth that same respect? The disrespect of that is mind-blowing.

When people quit business most of the time, the business moves forward just fine. When some people get fired, it can be devastating for their life. Not all companies treat their people like crap. If you think your company cares about you, let your fall to shambles and see what they do.

5. Live By The Rules and You Whisper "I Hate My Job"

If you want to get your freedom back, you need to start to have ownership. The owner makes the rules and decides how they want to abide by those rules. Otherwise, you will sell your self to a company your whole life and pray to God that they take care of you. Whether they do that or not is up for serious debate.

School told you to play it safe and go for security and benefits. What school didn't tell you is that you will take on all the risk. You show up to work every day to make someone else rich and hope that they have the heart to take care of you for life. Sometimes they do, but most people get left hanging and with a broken heart.

How to Break Away From the "I hate my job" Life

Wake Up Earlier  or Stay Up Late

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do should not be going to work to get your bosses rich. You should spend the first part of the day working on things that are going to make you wealthy in every aspect. It won't happen after work a lot of the times because it's hard to control the evening than it is to manage your morning.

It is the same reason why they say to pay yourself first and not last. If you pay yourself first, you can be sure that you have something. If you pay yourself last, then something comes up and before you know it there are no scraps to pay yourself from. Use the first part of the day right and pay yourself first.

Keep Your Expenses Low

The expenses will get you. You go to school and get debt that you need to pay off. That forces you to get a job to pay that debt. You have to get to work, so you buy a car you can't afford to get to the job. Now you have almost everything that you need, so why not slap a house on top of it?

The expense trap is building up payments that you don't need. You become scared of losing what you have bought, and not being able to pay all the bills. It forces you to feel like you can't chase your dream because you need cash every two weeks.

If you keep your expenses low, there is no issue here. Rent a cheap place, take the bus, go to community college, or skip out on college altogether. If you only need $500 a month to live, all a sudden you see how the NEED for a job goes down.

Get Outside of The Box

The box is what most people live every day in. It's the matrix, and it stops you from thinking. Instead of doing the things the way you see fit, you get stuck doing things the way everyone else is doing them. If everyone else is going to school, you better too, right?

For a second, stop thinking about what is normal and start doing what you want to do. Get outside of the box! There are so many ways to live life. You know of great people like MLK or Nelson Mandela because they lived different lives.

Change Your Habits

You can have a big vision and crazy goals, but you make them come alive with your daily habits. You can't get strong without lifting daily. In the same way that you can't break free from your job without adopting the right habits. If you have bad habits, you will get the wrong results. Don't just complain and tell people "I hate my job". Go and make a change instead. 

There is always a cause and an effect from that cause. The law never fails or changes. You need to take time to figure out what success means to you and figure out the law to get there. You then break that formula down into daily actions, and you make them happen. There are no shortcuts and you must stop making excuses to get there. 

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