James Holzhauer Net Worth = $1.5 Million

James Holzhauer got his fame from the popular American game show Jeopardy. On the show, he went on a 32-game winning streak. He is also a sports bettor. He was proficient in mathematics even skipped the second grade to move on to more advance mathematics. His gambling interest affected his grades but he still managed to do well. He graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree. His net worth is $1.5 million.

Holzhauer is also known as “Jeopardy James” due to his 32-game winning streak.  He is ranked number 3 in alll-time earnings on the Jeopardy show and he plans to spend his earnings on charity and on his family.

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James Holzhauer

Game Show Contestant  Professional Sports Gambler

Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time



Quotes - James Holzhauer Net Worth and Key Habits

"In Chicagoland, they had afternoon Jeopardy! And afternoon Cubs games when they were at home, so that was basically what I would watch and it's what got me interested in Jeopardy! and sports statistics at an early age."– James Holzhauer

"Anytime you learn something new, you're just trying to file it away—might be useful one day." – James Holzhauer

"As a sports fan, I like the one-and-done playoff setups of the NFL and NCAA, but a best-of-seven gives the favourite a much better chance of prevailing in the end. I give the Jeopardy! team a lot of credit for coming up with a great format to settle the debate as best they can."– James Holzhauer

"I kind of didn't look at anyone else's strategy for Jeopardy! I thought I'm going to build this from the ground up.… If I had never seen a Jeopardy! game played before, what would I have to do to play it to maximize my winnings, maximize my chances of winning?"– James Holzhauer

"There were times in school where I would say, 'I should go to class,' but I could make $100 playing online poker if I didn't go." – James Holzhauer

"I would definitely say it's [the traditional way of playing Jeopardy!] too risk-averse. The funny thing is, my strategy actually minimizes the risk of me losing a game. There are times in a football game where a team goes for a big TD pass. If you don't take a risk like that, you're not going to win. Really, the big risk is never trying anything that looks like a big gamble."– James Holzhauer

"I've said all along that Emma is an all-time great player, and I'm proud it took that level of the competitor to defeat me. Now the world sees that I wasn't just making excuses. But the whole point of the TOC [Tournament of Champions] is to play the best of the best, and Emma and Francois Barcomb certainly proved that Emma Boettcher and Francois Barcomb belonged in the final three."–James Holzhauer

James Holzhauer Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1: Be Aggressive With Your Strategy

James Holzhauer describes his approach to games as an aggressive strategy. He plans his moves beforehand if he can and relies on his math skills to improve his odds when betting. Success is based on a well planned and executed game plan. He earned a record of $131,127 on his jeopardy episode from being so aggressive. 

You can't sit back in life and not take any risks. You're not really living until you have lost everything. When you have nothing to lose you can begin to see things clearly again and go and live the life you have always wanted to. Sharpen your math skills and take some risks when the odds are in your favor.  

Habit #2: Master Your Craft

James earned the title “Jeopardy James” just because of how much he loved to gamble and how smart he was at the same time. Playing games for money is the perfect blend of his math skills and love for competition. He used his affinity for math and his passion for gambling to master them both. He does not win because of luck, but because of excellent math skills and fast thinking. 

You need to have skill and passion in order to be successful. If you have all skill and no passion, you will eventually give up. But if you have all passion and no talent, you will not be good enough to win. Once you find that thing that you consider to be your ultimate craft, spend the rest of your life working to be great at it. 

Habit #3: Be Generous

Success is not about how much you have but also what you do with it. After earning a good amount of money, he made the decision to give a lot of it away.  He did not just take the money and use to make his own life more comfortable. He decided to live for something much bigger than himself. Being good at gambling has not left him with much purpose, but being able to use the money for good does. 

Summary - James Holzhauer Net Worth and Key Habits


Be Aggressive 


Master Your Craft



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