Jojo Siwa Net Worth = $12 Million

Jojo Siwa is a celebrated young American dancer, singer, YouTuber, social media personality, actor, model, and TV personality. 

Her trademark is large colorful bows that she wears in her hair. Siwa started to dance at the tender age of two years in her mothers’ studio. 

She came into the limelight after featuring in season 5 and 6 of ‘Dance Moms.’ Siwa started her journey to become a celebrity by dancing but she has expanded to other profitable ventures.

She is among the youngest celebrities in the USA with a net worth of approximately $12 million as of 2021.

Siwa is also doing pretty well on YouTube where she has over 2 billion video views and over 9 million subscribers. She also owns a line of bows that is doing well. 

Siwa expanded her line of accessories business in 2018 by singing a deal with J.C. Penney. She also makes good money from endorsements and dance performances. 

Full Name

Source of Wealth

Known for

Birth Info

Joelle Joanie " JoJo " Siwa


Dance Moms


"Kid in a Candy Store"

United States


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Quotes - Jojo Siwa Net Worth and Key Habits

“Dancing and singing are the two things that have stuck with me throughout my life.” - Jojo Siwa

“When I plan ahead, I don't just plan what I'm doing tomorrow. I also plan what I'm doing five years from now.” - Jojo Siwa

My thing with failure, just forget about it and get up and do it again.” - Jojo Siwa

“I just want to make people happy and make a difference in people's lives.” - Jojo Siwa

“Anything can go wrong, but you can't think about it all the time. You have to enjoy every moment.” - Jojo Siwa

“MeToo is a strong movement in Hollywood, but a lot of my fans and demographic are younger, and they don't really understand what's going on with it. I wanted to put something out for them, even for those who are 4 years old, that every girl is a supergirl. No matter your age, your height, your weight, your color - whatever you are." - Jojo Siwa

I don't think that people don't succeed; I think that it takes time! Everyone will have their time to shine!” - Jojo Siwa

Jojo Siwa Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1: Do Things that You Love

Siwa loves singing and dancing and she is ready to do it for the rest of her life. You are more creative when doing things that you love and you rarely make mistakes.

You cannot have a fulfilling life by doing what other people are doing. Chances are you will get bored along the way before accomplishing your dreams.

You should focus things that make you happy because people are not the same. What makes you happy is different from what makes someone else happy and that is a beautiful thing. 

Habit #2: Do not Fear Mistakes

Siwa does not fear making mistakes because they help her to grow into a better person. She believes that no one is perfect and only people who are daring enough can make positive changes in their lives.

Siwa believes it is good to try something and fail than to do nothing at all. People who fear to make mistakes are unable to take advantage of the available opportunities.

Use all the mistakes that come your way and learn from your failures. “My thing with failure, just forget about it and get up and do it again,” Siwa. Successful people forget about their mistakes and keep trying.

Habit #3: Wait for Your Time

Siwa is on record for saying, “I don't think that people don't succeed; I think that it takes time! Everyone will have their time to shine!” She believes no one is destined to fail in life. However, each person should wait for his/her time.

Do not lose hope even when things seem not to work in your favor. Work hard and keep waiting because your time is not here yet.

No one is destined to fail when you do the right work and believe in yourself. All you need is time and you will soon accomplish your dreams.

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Summary - Jojo Siwa Net Worth and Key Habits


Do Things that You Love


Do not Fear Mistakes


Wait for Your Time

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