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Josh Kesselman Net Worth = $42 Million

Josh Kesselman  is the CEO and owner of "RAW " Vegan Rolling Paper Company. He grew up with a father that was fond of smoking joints and cigarettes. At the age of 5, he was walking along with his father, and he lit a rice paper and tossed it in the air and the paper disappeared. From that moment, he was curious about rolling papers and smoking. the Josh Kesselman Net Worth is estimated to be about $42 Million. 

Kesselman moved to Florida to go to college and study accounting. Soon after arriving he decided to drop out since he lost interest and was way more passionate about entrepreneurship.

He then moved to Arizona to start his RAW Company, and the rest was history. He started his company with $500 as a Spanish rolling paper company. Now he sells his vegan rolling papers internationally. He has 2000 people working for him across Europe, Canada and the U.S. 

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Josh Kesselman


CEO of RAW Vegan Rolling Papers



Quotes - Josh Kesselman Net Worth and Key Habits

"We are innovative; we are fast, we are doing everything that a giant corporation can't do." – Josh Kesselman

"It's a big place, man; it would take forever to get around." - Josh Kesselman

"I'm the best in the world when it comes to rolling papers. I know what my job is and it's very simple: supply you with the best rolling paper ever made." – Josh Kesselman

"If I were them I would hate me too. They think I am ridiculous, but I am ridiculous!" – Josh Kesselman

"There's so much opportunity, even when things seemed darkest and the worst moments of my life, they've often pushed me into the best moments of my life," – Josh Kesselman

"And the more success that came with all of this, the more I was allowed to be free. And I started making myself freer and freer and getting ridiculous, have this ridiculous hair and dress any way I wanted." –Josh Kesselman

Josh Kesselman Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Be Kind

Its easy to seem like a bad guy when you're in an industry related to drugs, but his personality is opposite to that. He has a kind heart and always wants to help people in need. He knows that no one can bring their money to grave so he wants to do good with his money whenever he can. He donated millions of dollars to charities that help build wells in Africa and help get water to children who need it. 

Habit #2 - Be Care-Free

Kesselman preaches about how money should allow you to be more of who you are. He does not try to live a crazy lifestyle or act like he is someone who he is not. He has no one to impress with his money. He believes that money is only working for you if it frees you to be yourself and to live the life you want.

You don't need to try and impress people and keep up with what they are doing. You should be focused on finding your life mission and purpose. Everything else is a waste of time! When you are comparing yourself and trying to keep up with what others have, it leads you to a life of misery. 

Habit #3 - Innovate

Developing something like a vegan rolling paper is innovative in two different ways. The first way is that it was able to ride the vegan wave and also the legalization of weed. To be innovative it means you have to pay attention to what is happening in the world around you. He made a living from noticing trends and working on things he was passionate about.

If you want to be successful, find a way to do something that people commonly do and make it different. Change the approach or the way you look at it and see how you can solve a problem for other people. Make sure you pay attention to the news and trends and try and understand where your industry is moving. 

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Summary - Josh Kesselman Net Worth and Key Habits


Be Kind


Be Care-Free



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