Kelly Rowland Net Worth = $30 Million

Kelly Rowland is an accomplished singer, actress, songwriter, and a TV personality. She started her music career in 1992 as a member of the dance group called “Girl’s Tyme.”

Later “Girl’s Tyme” signed a deal with Columbia Records and changed its name to Destiny’s Child.  Kelly and the group released four studio albums that sold well globally.

Rowland started her solo career in 2002 after making the hit song, Dilemma with rapper Nelly. The song sold over 7.6 million copies globally and she gained global recognition from it.  

Kelly ventured into the film industry in 2003 when she was in the movie, Freddy vs. Jason. This was followed by other successful films and Television shows.  

Rowland has won several awards during her music and acting career. She has a net worth of approximately $30 million as of 2021.

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Kelly Rowland


Destiny's Child


United States

Quotes - Kelly Rowland Net Worth and Key Habits

“Coming into the music industry, even when I was a kid, one thing I learned is timing is everything. You being prepared is everything.”

-Kelly Rowland

“One thing that I had to remember in my personal journey in the music industry and coming up in the music industry was how many times I was told no. I was signed, I was dropped, I was signed, and I was put on a shelf.”

-Kelly Rowland

“We all have different things that we go through in our everyday life, and it's really important to know just at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what you face, you know, that you're going to win at the end of the day. You got to believe in yourself. You got to believe in God, know that He's going to get you through it.”

-Kelly Rowland

“Judge me if you want to. And as a matter of fact, it won't even count, 'cause the only person who can judge is God.”

-Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1: Discover Your Talent Early

Kelly considers her herself to be blessed because she discovered her singing talent when she was just five years. She nurtured it by singing in churches and later made a career out of it. Rowland does not know how her life would have turned out had she never discovered her talent at such an early age.

One of the easiest ways to excel in life is by discovering your talent as young as you can. That way, you have adequate time to grow your talent and make a career out of it. People who do things that are in line with their talent do not struggle to be successful.

Habit #2: Keep Trying and Never Lose Hope  

Kelly is on record for saying that her personal journey in the music industry was not a walk in the park. She was told no several times, and was often dropped from labels. She did not give up though. Rowland kept trying and she eventually made it.

Successful people are fighters. They do not give up when they fail. Never give up, even if things seem not to work in your favor. Just keep trying and you will eventually accomplish what you set out to. 

Habit #3: Believe in God

According to Kelly, you have to believe for anything to workout. Kelly believes in herself in everything she does because of how good her God is. She believes in God and his ability to change impossibilities to possibilities. Kelly says that God never leaves people that believe in him.

You cannot go far if you do not believe in yourself. This is because you lack the courage to try new things that can make a positive change in your life. It's good to believe in yourself, even when trying something that you have never done before. You also need to believe in God’s power and pray him to bless the work of your hands.

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Summary - Kelly Rowland Net Worth and Key Habits


Discover your talent early


Keep trying and never lose hope


Believe in God and yourself

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