Do you spend most of your time just wanting to be by yourself, and not around a lot of people? Do you feel forced to hang with people, so you don't hurt others feelings? You may be experiencing introvert problems.  Being around people can completely exhaust those of us who are introverted. You have to figure out how to thrive as an introvert though so that youc an live your best life.

You May Not Enjoy The Following:

  • Small talk
  • Being put in social awkward positions
  • Any social events
  • Being called shy

Just the simple thought of having to be out and around people instantly makes us anxious and regretting that you said yes to that outing.

Introverts have a limited amount of energy for people. It's that simple.

However; even being alone isn't always the right way, and can sometimes make you even more tired. Overthinking is your greatest accomplishment it seems. Living with your thoughts can be incredibly tough.

Because you are surrounded by people every day, who have expectations from you, introverts will find themselves drained, a lot. Because of this, you need a whole lot of self-care.

Spending time by yourself is how you recharge our batteries. This is the essential form of self-care that an introvert can practice. So it goes without saying that as an introvert, you need to get enough time to yourself. 

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Your Time Should Be Protected - Introvert Problems

Spending time by yourself is how you recharge our batteries. This is the essential form of self-care that an introvert can practice. So it goes without saying that as an introvert, you need to get enough time to yourself. And don't you dare feel guilty about it either!

I know, I know, easier said than done, right? With this comes the job of having to say no to the people you love. And for the majority of us, saying no is hard. Your feelings and needs matter more though.

Be clear with what your intentions and needs are. Some people need a night a week to be by themselves, while others require a few hours every day not to be bothered or talked to. Be clear with yourself about them so you can be apparent to others.

Because a lot more people are aware of how introverts are, this will typically mean that your friends and family are likely to understand that you need your downtime.

Have a Do-Nothing Day - Introvert Problems

These are wonderful - and I suggest you have one once a month. These are a great way to relax and have a mini-vacation. Make sure everyone knows that you won't be available, and spend the day doing whatever you want!

Want lunch at 2? Take a nap at 3 pm? Wake up without an alarm doing it for you, perfect. You can do all of these things with a do-nothing day. There is no structure to the day, no to-do list — just you taking care of yourself with whatever you feel your body and mind needs. For your habit tracker, you can count this as a skip day.

You can be utterly guilt-free while doing this too. Why? Because you scheduled this day. You blocked this time to do absolutely nothing.

Get Comfy PJ's - Introvert Problems

Who doesn't love a fresh set of pajamas? Who also doesn't love wearing them all day? Being comfortable is seriously like a superpower. Pj's, leggings, sweat pants, oversized hoodies for girls. For guys, well you can just walk around in your boxers all day.

This may seem like a pretty simple thing, but letting yourself be comfortable is such a great way to help promote self-care.

Silencing Your Phone - Introvert Problems

Want to know a vast anxiety builder? Getting unexpected phone calls and texts all day.

I'm sure we've all been there, where we are doing our thing (probably watching YouTube or Netflix) when all of a sudden your phone is vibrating/ringing. Anxiety sparks when you don't even recognize the number that sets us introverts into stranger danger mode and whatever you were doing before, you can say bye-bye to because your focus is now on something else.

I know that turning the phone to silent isn't going to stop people from calling you, but it will help you not get startled from your fantastic daydreams and comfort.

Get Yourself A Colouring Book - Introvert Problems

It wasn't too long ago that this little trend got everyone wanting a coloring book as if they were in kindergarten again. Truth be told, this activity is excellent for those of you who are introverts or who have anxiety. It lets you be creative and make beautiful colorful things. It's soothing, and it's enjoyable.

The best part about coloring, though is it gives you something to focus on.

When you are coloring and focused, you're probably not going to think about all the crazy things you said yesterday or way back in the 7th grade. It helps give you some peace (and don't we love that?) It allows you to take a break from your brain, and sometimes that's all we want.

Positive Affirmations - Introvert Problems

This can help everyone, not just introverts. Filling your head with good thoughts is beneficial for everyone.

It's been known that we believe most of the things we are told. So why not tell ourselves good things every day? Having a list of positive affirmations that you repeat to yourself every day is good to have in your back pocket. Here is one in particular that I think is a great one!

You are going places. Why? Because you are smart, brave, and strong.

If you have a bad day, or it's beginning to be one of those days, mentally hit "play" and start reconfirming to yourself that you are amazing and this day will not define you.

"It's going to work out" is a default saying that I say to myself all of the time. And honestly, it works like a charm. Sooner rather than later you probably won't have to go through all the affirmations you say to yourself, they will become something you truly believe. This is the first glimpse that you are on the right track to live your best life. 

Keeping A Journal

If you were the type of kid as a child who always had either a note pad or journal next to you, you would know the benefits of this! However; for those of you who didn't or don't, I highly suggest using one. It is a real game-changer.

It's a great way to get your thoughts out of your head. Some have their journal mixed with writings and drawings. It's your journal, fill it with whatever your heart desires, and whatever it takes to express yourself.

You get too consumed with our thoughts, and it's a real danger to live inside of your head. You'll replay memories over and over again. You end up getting stuck and sucked into the "what if" vortex. It can become overwhelming. Writing down whats going on in your head is a way of clearing out space.

When it becomes written on paper, it's not in your head anymore, and it's out in the universe.

Having a go-to list of favorite self-care practices can be a lifesaver. Pick 1-2 that you enjoy and try to do them every evening if possible. And please, schedule a do-nothing day as often as possible.

Trying to figure out what works best for you can take some time, but be patient.

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