“I can bring you in warm… Or I can bring you in cold.”. – Mandalorian. Here are 28 Best Mandalorian Quotes

Mandalorian Quotes

1. “I did disintegrate a few of them.”- Mandalorian

2. “This is the way.”- Mandalorian

3. “Well, good luck with that.”- Mandalorian

4. “Bring two speeder bikes, and give me the tracking FOB.”- Mandalorian

5. “When one chooses to walk the way of the Mandalore, you are both hunter and prey.”- Mandalorian

6. “I’m A Mandalorian. Weapons are a part of my religion.”- Mandalorian

7. “Or we could drag you.”- Mandalorian

Mandalorian Quotes

8. “They work for the Empire. What are they doing here?”- Mandalorian

9. “No questions asked. That’s the policy, isn’t it?”- Mandalorian

10. “He said you were the best in the parsec.”- Mandalorian

11. “I told you that was a bad idea.”- Mandalorian

12. “Here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna walk to my ship, with the kid. And you’re gonna let it happen.”- Mandalorian

13. “I’m not gonna trade anything. These are my parts. They stole from me.”- Mandalorian

14. “We have you 4 to 1.” “I like those odds.”- Mandalorian

Mandalorian Quotes

15. “Unless we show them how.”- Mandalorian

16. “Do you understand this?”- Mandalorian

17. “You got two problems here. You got the bandits and you got the mech. We’ll handle the AT-ST. You gotta protect us when they come out of the woods. And I don’t have to tell you how dangerous they are.”- Mandalorian

18. “You are a Mandalorian. Surely you can ride this young bull.”- Mandalorian

19. “You just can’t ever put it back on again.”- Mandalorian

20. “I have it. I’ve got the egg.”- Mandalorian

21. “He’ll get over it. We all do.”- Mandalorian

Mandalorian Quotes

22. “Do not self-destruct. We’re shooting our way out.”- Mandalorian

23. “I don’t belong here. But he does.”- Mandalorian

24. “What are your plans for it?”- Mandalorian

25. “That’s my line.”- Mandalorian

26. “Hey. Spit that out.”- Mandalorian

27. “Keep them away from my ship.”- Mandalorian

28. “Our secrecy is our survival. Our survival is our strength.”- Mandalorian


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