Manny Ramirez Net Worth = $112 Million

Manny Ramirez is one of the most studied hitters in all of baseball. He is one of the best to ever do it, and his peers recognize the talent and work ethic that he brought to the game of baseball. He played in the MLB for a total of 19 seasons, which is a very long career. He was a nine-time silver slugger and was one of 27 players to hit 500 total home runs in his career. 

He Played for These Teams:

  • Cleveland Indians
  • Boston Red Sox
  • LA Dodgers
  • Chicago White Sox
  • Tampa Bay Rays 

The Manny Ramirez Net Worth totaled $112M, which is quit the number considering his humble upbringing in the Dominican Republic. He moved to NYC when he was 13 years old and became a baseball standout in high school. 

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Manny Ramirez


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Quotes -  Manny Ramirez Net Worth and Key Habits 

“Everywhere I go, people love me, so I'm just blessed. Do you blame them?” -- Manny Ramirez

“I ain't got no problem in Boston, I especially like the attention. I know that I'm one of the top guys in this game and all the attention is on me, I got a lot of people on my shoulder but I'm human. I like to go. I like to have fun. I like to do this and that but I gotta represent Boston and the Red Sox in every way that I do outside this game. ... Like I said I get paid to play baseball no [matter] where I go to play I still gotta go and perform even if I like it or not.” -- Manny Ramirez

“I haven’t been right all year. I guess, you know, when you don’t feel good, and you still get hits, that’s when you know you are a bad man.” -- Manny Ramirez

Manny Ramirez Net Worth and Key Habits 

Habit #1 - Get Obsessed Young

From an early age, Ramirez was obsessed with the game of baseball. Its all he wanted to do and think about. His grandma bought him an MLB Jersey when he was young, and he considers it to be one of his most prized possessions because it motivated him. From that point in his life, he was locked in on earning his own MLB Jersey. 

He did not even graduate from high school. His focus in high school was a great baseball player, and he put all of his energy into that. To be successful at anything, it requires a certain level of obsession that keeps you focused and working day in and out. 

Habit #2 - Prepare and Deliver 

The reason MLB players loved to study the swing of Manny Ramirez is that he was excellent in his preparation and turning that into outstanding performances. Some athletes only perform in practice or when there is no pressure. Other athletes don't know how to prepare. Manny could do both! He would prepare like a beast and then go and perform even better. 

You need to work on being the type of person that can prepare and perform at any time. Preparation means getting ready for anything that can be thrown your way, but you need to be able to translate that preparation into desired results, or else it's all for nothing. 

Habit #3 - Perspective 

Manny Ramirez is known for laughing off losses and mistakes he made playing the game. He wanted to be great, he loved to win, but he always kept baseball in perspective.

He relished in the fact that he made great money, and his family was capable of living a great life because of his job. He never let losing or a tough day at the office get him down or ruin that perspective.

Put your failures in perspective. Are they even failures, or are they just opportunities to learn? Either way, if you are still breathing, it means that it could be worse and that you always have another chance, so keep fighting. Don't let anything steal your joy, though, because life is short.

Summary of The Manny Ramirez Net Worth and Key Habits 


Get Obsessed Young 


Prepare and Deliver


Get Perspective

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