Mark Stevens Net Worth = $2.8 Billion

Unless you lived in tech circles, Mark Stevens was one of those behind the scenes rich guys that most people did not know about. He has amassed $2.8 Billion in net worth from working with Intel before the PC boom. He eventually became a partner with Sequoia Capital and spent the rest of his career as a venture capitalist. His most famous investments include Yahoo, Google, and YouTube.

If you are not in these tech circles, he is also famous for sitting court-side for the 2019 NBA finals between Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors. Kyle Lowry was trying to make a play on the ball. He ended up diving into the crowd, Dennis Rodman's style. He did not land on Mark Stevens, but he decided to push him. His actions brought him into the national news making the billionaire infamous for the wrong reasons.

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Quotes - Mark Stevens Net Worth and Key Habits 

"Don't just fall into the conventional ways of building a career. Take gambles, but do so with forethought and after doing research and considering the long-range opportunities" - Mark Stevens

Again my friends and family were scratching their heads. Today, everyone knows what a venture capitalist is, but back in 1989, for most people it was a mysterious corner of the investment world" - Mark Stevens

"I had an educated hunch that Intel's microprocessors would transform society" - Mark Stevens

Mark Stevens Net Worth and Key Habits 

Habit #1 - Forget all of the rules

Mark Stevens is as successful as he is because he did not take the conventional path to be successful. He was a double major at USC and then left to work for the start-up Intel. He made a bet that they would be significant, and boy was he ever right.

He then decided to go back to school and go to Harvard. For most people, this is a head-scratcher. Why work and be successful in going back to school? After he graduated from Harvard, He decided to work for Sequoia Capital and help to get them started. All of these choices help to make him the billionaire that he now is.

Habit #2 - Give Back

He and his wife have given substantial gifts to the University of Southern California over the years. Not only does he give back to the schools that gave to him, but he supports the programs within the school that he cares about. He has donated gifts of $22 Million and $50 million to the school. He has made it a large part of the fabric of who he is to find more ways to give back and help those coming up after him.

Have a vision for how you want to give back. You may not be a billionaire yet, but that does not mean that you cant give back with your time, talents, or money. Giving comes in all three forms, and you need people willing to do them all. As you succeed more and have less time, you can use your money to help more.Enter your text 

Habit #3 - Take Risks 

As a venture capitalist, it is no surprise that his career is marked by the habit of taking calculated risks that have paid exponentially. Whether it is companies, he has picked to be winners or deciding which schools to go to.

The Mark Stevens Net Worth is over $2 Billion because he does not just see things for what they are. He worked for Intel when it was a small company and took a bet that it would grow. He watched other people work for safer companies, but they did not get the return on investment that he was able to receive.








Joins Intel

Joins Sequoia Capital 

Minority Owner of Golden State Warriors

Pushes Kyle Lowry

Suspended and fined $500,000

Summary - Mark Stevens Net Worth and Key Habits


Forget All of The Rules 


Give Back 


Take Risks 

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