NLE Choppa Net Worth = $5 Million

The NLE Choppa Net Worth is hard to know precisely due to how new the rapper is to the game. The NLE, in his name, stands for No Love Entertainment, and he is known for making gangster rap.

His top song was Shotta Flow, and it has over 100 Million views on YouTube. The rapper he hails from Memphis, Tennessee, but has Jamaican ancestry and began rapping from the age of 14.

The rapper started to gain some momentum in 2018 with the combination of his dance moves and his crazy lyrical style. He used the building flow to release the song Shotta Flow. He was praised for his ability to rap and hit different dance moves and made the Billboard Hot 100 in 2019 by climbing up to number 36.

His new success attracted many labels, but he and his mom, who is also his manager, decided to stay independent. The rapper got all of this motivation for music from his time spent in the juvenile detention center.

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NLE Choppa


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NLE Choppa Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Adapt

The NLEP Choppa net worth would be 0 if he did not first make some changes. He had spent some time in a juvenile detention center when he was younger. No one knows what, for as he was a minor.

Life is about the survival of the fittest, and you need to be able to adapt to what is around you. Going to Jail helped the rapper to see that he needed to live a different life. He could see that he was living in a way that would lead to death.

Habit #2 - Ride The Wave

One of the smartest choices NLE Choppa made was riding the wave of his success. He made a song that got hot, and everyone on YouTube was asking about the first rapper.

Everyone wanted to know who it was. Whereas most people would have just let that be and enjoyed a there little bit of fame. He was smarter than that.

He went hard and started working on music right away. He spent the little bit of money he had at the time on clothes and everything he needed to get the music video going. His plan worked perfectly because the song was good, and people were hungry to listen to the rapper.

Habit #3 - Listen to Your Team 

The rapper has made some smart moves in his young career. He did not jump and the millions of dollars he could have gotten from a record label and chose to play the long term game by going with the independent route.

Doing this has allowed him to keep the right to his music. These types of decisions have been the direct result of choosing smart people to be around him.

His mom is his manager, and she has done an excellent job guiding him so far. She loves him and wants to see him live out his dream. His dad is loving the fact that his son is going all-in on something, and it's working out. He is listening to their advice, and his net worth has grown drastically as a result of it.








Started making music

No Love the Take Over Mixtape 

Shotta Flow Released

Shotta flow 2 Released

Signs with Indy Label

Summary  - NLE Choppa Net Worth and Key Habits




Ride The Wave


Listen to Your Team 

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