“Massage is not just a luxury. It's a way of a healthier, happier life.” — Unknown. Here are 25 Relaxing Massage Quotes.

Massage Quotes

1.“I'd rather get a massage and get the problem rubbed out than taking a pill and just feel drugged out.”— Unknown

2. “Massage has had a positive effect on every medical condition we've looked at.” — Tiffany Field, Ph. D

3. “Sometimes massage is the only thing that makes sense.” — Unknown

4. “The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and a scented massage every day.”— Hippocrates

5.“There are some things in life where it's better to receive than to give, and massage is one of them.” — Al Michaels

6. “Massage is not just a luxury. It's a way of a heathier, happier life.” — Unknown

Massage Quotes

7. “We have nothing to fear but missing our massage appointment time.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt

8. “When all else fails, get a massage.” — Unknown   

9.  “I don’t fear death because I don’t fear anything I don’t understand. When I start to think about it, I order a massage and it goes away.” – Hedy Lamarr

10. “In this hectic life, we have no time to take care of ourselves, hence massage is needed for rejuvenation and stress reduction.” – Unknown

11.“ I love pampering myself, so going for a massage or getting a mani-pedi makes me feel instantly better. When my nails are done I feel so much better - it's the little things that make me so happy, and you literally feel polished. ” — Jessica Lowndes 

12.“To me, luxury is to be at home with my daughter, and the occasional massage doesn't hurt.” —  Olivia Newton-John

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Massage Quotes

13. “Massage is the only form of physical pleasure to which nature forgot to attach consequences.” – Robert Breault

14. “Massage. When your brain needs a hug.” – Unknown

15. “Never put off your massage until tomorrow if you can get it today.” – Thomas Jefferson

16. “Massage therapists listen with their hands.” – Unknown

17.  “Massage is the study of anatomy in braille.” – Jack Meagher

18. “One hour getting a massage keeps the doctor away.” – Unknown

Massage Quotes

19. “You are one massage away from a better mood.” – Unknown

20. “Massages are great for physical health and mental health.” – Unknown

21.“Massage therapy has been shown to relieve depression, especially in people who have chronic fatigue syndrome;     other studies also suggest benefit for other populations.” – Andrew Weil

22. “Keep calm and get a massage.” – Unknown

23. “Aromatherapy without massage is like an orchestra without a conductor.” – Robert Tisserand

24. “3 things you must do today: schedule a massage, get a massage, and schedule your next massage.” – Unknown

25. “Massages enhance our days and our lives.” – Unknown

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Best of Massage Quotes

“Keep calm and get a massage.” – Unknown
“Never put off your massage until tomorrow if you can get it today.” – Thomas Jefferson
“We have nothing to fear but missing our massage appointment time.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt

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