Mat Fraser Net Worth = $1.5 Million

Mat Fraser is a CrossFit athlete and he won the games in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. He did that after two disappointing 2nd places finish in 2014 and 2015.

Once Rich Froning Jr retired, it left the gold medal wide open for him to dominate. He is only the second person to ever win four straight games. He is the son of Canadian Olympic Figure Skaters.

Fraser was an Olympic Weightlifter before he got into CrossFit. A back injury was what took him away from his first love in weight lifting. The move was excellent for his net worth as the switch has made him a star.

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Mat Fraser


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Quotes - Mat Fraser Net Worth and Key Habits

Hard work pays off.” — Mat Fraser

“You don’t train to picture yourself a second place on the podium. Second place sucks.” - Mat Fraser

“Grip it and Rip It” – Mat Fraser

Mat Fraser Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1: No Absolutes

In a world filled with people who make everything black and white, Mat Fraser has managed to avoid this approach. When it comes to his training and his diet he does not stick to any one way of doing things.

In the CrossFit world, most of the athletes follow the Paleo diet which cuts out most carbs outside of veggies. Mat Fraser chooses to eat a bit of everything and he does not count macros.

He also trains in many different ways so he is ready for whatever the games throw at him.Mat Fraser is one of the best in the world and he does not do what the majority of people do.

Don’t be scared to mix up your approach. Just because everyone is going left, does not mean you can't try and go right. If it does not work you can always do things the way everyone does, but you may discover something new that works for you.

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Habit #2: Be a Beast

Mat Fraser does not play any games when he is working out. He is a complete beast. He knows that he does not need to be a record-breaker at any one event but he does need to be well rounded across them all like a Decathlete in track and field.

If he has poor cardio, or strength or can't do a specific exercise then it will really hurt him. It’s a pain in the butt to train this way but he has a lot of unpredictable workouts to help mentally prepare his mind to have to attack anything. This approach to training has allowed him to be mentally and physically strong.

You have to be a beast at whatever it is you do. That means when its time to train you are focused on working on the skills that allow you to excel in that area. Nothing can get in the way of this skill development time.

Mat Fraser’s skills are CrossFit but the same principles of preparation apply to an actor, painter or salesman. You have to wake up and put your reps and sets in a day in and out for a long time.

Habit #3: Let Failure Fuel You

Mat Fraser would not be who he is today with those two brutal losses he suffered in 2014 and 2015. After losing in 2014 to the favorite and the 4-time champion, he went into the next year as the favorite since the previous winner retired.

He lost again and had to come second. Coming second Is brutal because you can only think about how close you are to being the champion. Mat Fraser used these failures as fuel to come back stronger the next year. He changed his diet and learned what things he was doing wrong sand came back stronger than ever. He went on to win four titles after this.

Look at your past mistakes and setbacks and use them to get better going forward. Too many people fail and use failures as a reason to stop trying.

True failure is not trying or refusing to learn from your past. Mat Fraser’s net worth has grown to over a million dollars because in his toughest moments he decided to get better instead of settling and taken whatever life throws at him.

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Summary - Mat Fraser Net Worth and Key Habits


No Absolutes


Be A Beast


Let Failure Fuel You

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