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Mia Khalifa is an immigrant to the United States from Beirut. She moved to the USA in 2001 and has become known for her sex appeal after a brief stint as a p**n star. Though that is not what she wants to be known for, that is the reality of her fame. Sorta like Kim Kardashian and her sex tape, these types of things just follow you. 

She is now a sports commentator and a webcam model. She was one of the most viewed on hub and actually was in the middle of a lot of controversy for having sex on camera wearing an Islamic hijab. As a kid, she was also bullied a lot for being a dark skin immigrant around the time of the 9/11 attacks.

After moving on from that sex career, she worked as a paralegal and bookkeeper for a short period. She is now heavily involved in social media, Twitch, and modeling, which is how she continues to build her brand. She has almost 20 Million followers on her Instagram

She also now speaks against the sex industry and the privacy issues within the industry. She also has a pretty tight relationship with her parents after dishonoring them and her country through her career choices.

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Quotes - Khalifa Net Worth and Key Habits 

"I'm not Muslim, and no I couldn't say no to it, it was a clever plot aside from the blatant sacrilege." - Mia Khalifa

"There are Hollywood movies that depict Muslims in a much worse manner than any scene Bang Bros [the production company] could produce." - Mia Khalifa

"Women's rights in Lebanon are a long way from being taken seriously if a Lebanese-American p**n star that no longer resides there can cause such an uproar. What I once boasted to people as being the most Westernized nation in the Middle East, I now see as devastatingly archaic and oppressed." - Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa Net Worth and Key Habits 

Habit #1 - Work Your Talents

She is an excellent sports commentator, she can act and has an attractive personality. She is also very knowledgeable about sports, which always gives you bonus points in the USA. She has used all of her talents at one time to further her life. She is not limited by what people say she should do. She knows she has a lot of skills, and she works on improving all of them.

Most people have a lot of talents, but they just drown in them and never able to make any choices. They get stuck in their own greatness in a sense. Instead of finding a way to use all of their talents, they basically use none of them. She is living proof that there are ways to put all of your skills to work.

Habit #2 - Be Confident at All Times 

No matter how much hate and death threats come her way, she can stand tall and be confident through it all. The Mia Khalifa net worth has grown so much because she does not care about what others think. She is willing to walk her own path at any cost, and she does not let distractions ruin her future opportunities.

She is so confident that she helps guys to boost their own confidence. She helps people to see and be their best selves. She does not wear bags of makeup or try to be anything that she is not, and she has been rewarded with fans for her stance to be true to herself.

Habit #3 - Fight Back 

In a society that always wants people to roll over, this girl has some bark. She is known for trolling people on social media. She is not worried about how people see her, so she will say what is on her mind. She has already been through hell in terms of how people talk about her. It makes people feel like they can say and do anything to her, but this is not the case. She always stands up for her self.

It's important to remember that you can get into the habit of standing up for yourself and fighting for the things that you believe in. The world may hate you for it because you won't roll over and hang out with the majority.

Summary of The Mia Khalifa Net Worth and Key Habits


Work Your Talents 


Be Confident at All Times 


Be Confident 

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