Michael Blakey Net Worth = $51 Million

Michael Blakey is heavily involved in the entertainment industry. Specifically, he is known for being a music producer. He has been a composer, artist manager, promoter, songwriter, and arranger. He has represented some of the best artists in the world.

  • Luther Vandross
  • Ron White
  • Mary J Blige
  • Willie Nelson
  • Bob Carlisle
  • Brian McKnight

What has made Michael Blakey net worth grow so fast is his ability to touch on so many different parts of music? He has the talents to help with the songwriting, but then also to promote artists and albums, which is rare. He has a pretty easy to understand philosophy on the habits required to be successful. He has a YouTube channel that he uses to teach others how to succeed.

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Michael Blakey

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Michael Blakey Net Worth and Key Habits 

Habit #1 - Have a Positive Mindset

Michael Blakey regularly teaches that you have to start with the mind. It's in being positive that you can produce positive results. If you are always negative or only seeing the worst of life, you continue to miss all of the good things around you. You may not be able to control your parents, who your family is, or the actions of any other person, but you always have control of your mind.

Do you keep yourself positive? Are you watching things like his YouTube Channel to help you stay in a positive mindset? If not, you need to start making some changes today. Choose to be positive. Choose to see the good in every bad situation.

Habit #2 - Focus On One Thing 

The reason that Michael Blakey has been so successful is that he focused on one thing for his whole life. He knew he wanted to be in music, and he made sure to learn everything about music. He has made much money because of the value he brings to the table. A musician wants to work with people who are knowledgeable about the entire industry.

Many people will gain experience by doing the same things over and over and then claim they should get paid more because they have been doing it for ten years. You have to focus on one thing but also make sure that you are learning more and more within that industry as time goes on.

Habit #3 - Be Determined 

You don't last for 40 years in the music industry without being determined. There are always setbacks and people who are trying to knock you off the top. Michael Blakey has been determined to be the best music producer in the world. This determination has driven him no matter if he is the best or not.

Understand that to be determined; you have to know where you are going first. There is no determination without direction. Accurate determination is not just working hard for anything but working hard despite obstacles to achieve that one important goal you have.








Resident Producer

Producer of the Year 

Promotion Man of the Year

Produced Disney Princess Favs

700,000 YouTube Subcribers

Summary - Michael Blakey Net Worth and Key Habits


Have a Positive Mindset 


Focus on One Thing 


Be Determined

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