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Introduction Microsoft – Top 3 Organizational Habits

Microsoft is the kingpin tech company of the 80s and 90s. The company is so valuable that its founder Bill Gates is still wealthy beyond measure. Paul Allen passed away in 2018, but he was the owner of the Blazers (NBA) and the Seahawks (NFL). They both did very well financially, and they have the Empire of Microsoft to thank for this success. 

For a long time, it was hard to separate Microsoft from the word computer. Apple computers were not as big then as they are now, so PCs dominated the world, and almost all of them came with a Microsoft Operating system. 

Learning the Organisational habits of Microsoft is essential because you see how much Bill Gates selectively chose his culture. Not just anyone could work at Microsoft because you have to be able to live up to some of the most robust Organizational habits. Bill Gates was known to absolutely FLIP OUT on employees if he did not like something they did. 

Quotes to Prepare for The Microsoft – Top 3 Organizational Habits

"Microsoft is not about greed. It about innovation and fairness - Bill Gates

"There are people who don't like capitalism, and there are people who don't like PCs, but there is no one who likes the PC but doesn't like Microsoft.  - Bill Gates

"Our industry does not respect tradition- it only respects innovation - Satya Nadella

"All in, Baby... We are winning, winning, winning, winning, winning - Steve Ballmer

"Your Most Unhappy Customers are Your Greatest Source of Learning - Bill Gates

"I think Most people either forget or don't know that Microsoft only hires people with IQ's well over 130" - Douglas Coupland

Microsoft – Top 3 Organizational Habits

 #1 - Be Obsessed 

The word obsession often gets a bad rap. Most people think of some crazy stalker instead of what it takes to be unbeaten. Bill Gates was obsessed with winning, and he made sure that this ran through the blood of Microsoft. The reason they have dominated for the last half-century is that they are obsessed with providing products that become the standard.

They don't always make the best products, and they make products that are generic and standard so that everyone uses them. If you were no obsessed with your job, you did not get to work at Microsoft; it is that simple. Bill Gates was known to work insane hours, and he was young when he started the company, so he often had to prove himself. He was so knowledgeable, though, that it did not take long for people to realize that he means business.

#2 - Become The Status Quo

People underestimate the power of being the status quo. Everyone wants to be unique and stand out now because today there is so much noise. What Microsft did became so status quo that on job descriptions, you had to know Microsoft word. They did not say you needed to know how to use a word processor because in the eyes of most Microsoft Word was the only product. 

Microsoft employees had a different mindset when they approached new products. They were not obsessed with innovation but in creating something that everyone could use. If everyone was using it, people did not realize that they were even spending money on Microsoft computers a lot of the time. Just by coming home with a laptop, they were paying Microsoft but did not realize it. 

#3 - Geeks and Grind Only

Microsoft was built on the backs of geeks and grinders. Bill Gates was a Harvard drop out and a brilliant and energetic man. He could only stand being around people who were smart and able to keep up with him. Bill hated to move slow. Everything he did had to be fast. He drove fast, talked fast, and he wanted everyone to keep up with his pace.

When you are as smart as Bill is and people present ideas that he does not like, he will go off on them. He expected people to work their asses off as he did, but he expected you to be the brightest minds in America.




Founded by Bill Gate and Paul Allen


Move From Albuquerque, Bellvue


IBM Introduces Personal Computer with MS-DOS 1.0


Microsoft Goes Public


Microsoft Launches Earliest Version of Office Suite


Windows 95 Launches


Windows 98 Launhes 


Steve Ballmer Named President and CEO


Lauch of Office and Widowns XP

Launch of Xbox


Microsoft $75B Back to Share holders


Launche of Xbox 360


Launch of Windows Vista


Bill Gates Transitions Out of Role With Company


Launches Bing Search

First Physical Store in AZ


General Availability of Microsoft Office


Skype Acqusition


Yammer Acqusition

Company Gives $1B Away


Launch of Office 2013

Unveils Xbox One

Laucnhes Surface Pro 2


Satya Nadella Name New CEO

Office Apps for iOS and Android


Launches Windows 10

Opens Flagship Store in NY


Launches SQL Servr

Forms AI and Research Group

Acquires LinkedIn


Launches Visual Stuido 2017

Redmon Campus Renovation


Opens HQ in Ireland

Laucnhes Xbox Adaptive COntorller


Opens Flagship Store in London

Last Updated


Summary Microsoft – Top 3 Organizational Habits


Be Obsessed 


Make Products Everyone Will Use


Stay Smart Grind Hard 

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