Migos Net Worth = $50 Million

The Migos (Takeoff, Offset, and Quavo) are a rap group hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. The group are blood relatives but grew up like brothers. Their first single, Versace, soared on the Billboard Hot 100 and since several of their other songs have peaked in the top 10.

The Migos have collaborated with many prominent artists, including Nicki Minaj and Drake. While the group assembled in 2008, they didn't rise to fame until Drake remixed their hit Versace.

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Quotes - Migos Net Worth and Key Habits

"If you want The Migos to come to your venue, you need to have security there because of the type of music we're rappin'. We get fans excited."    – Quavo

"People want to know where I'm going, and I just don't even know." – Quavo

 "The artists that we grew up listening to was(were) also independent like Master P, like Birdman and Lil Wayne. Those are the people that we wanted to model ourselves after. Throwing on the Cartier frames, the army-style fatigue jackets." – Quavo

"We need the world to respect us. They consume a lot of hits and just act like it wasn't… I ain't never seen nobody make these many hits and not get notified for it. And change the game like we did and bring the flow to the game the way we did and not get noticed for it, like the the big way – the real system way." – Quavo

Migos Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Distinctive Lyrics 

The Migos created some of the dopest ad-libs. Until they came on the scene, this part of a track was often undervalued in rap music.

Intentionally, the group uses this tactic to inject humor into their songs. This style choice is not distinctive but brilliant. People love their music and appreciate that they know the Migos are on the track within the first few seconds. 

The lesson we can learn from The Migos is to be set apart. The worst thing you can do in this noisy world is to blend in. Search for what makes you unique and deliberately use it to separate you from the pack.

Habit #2 - Date Well

Two members of the Migos are dating artists, Cardi B and Saweetie. While they all are famous in their own right, dating a celebrity is good for business for several reasons. The first being publicity. Positive or negative attention is still attention. Polarization is significant for growing your net worth. 

The second reason why dating another artist is good for business is the opportunity to collaborate. They all make good music individually. Collectively, they can produce more music and at a higher quality. 

It's critical to consider who you bring into your life seriously. Whether romantic or platonic, the people you spend time with will influence you.It is imperative to ensure that those relationships are helping you grow and not the converse.

Habit #3 - Nasty Beats

The Migos have a reputation for creating phenomenal beats. The musicality in their records is so compelling that listening to the instrumentals is a vibe all by themselves. Their beats are refreshing, inspiring, and instrumentally genius.

Summary - Migos Net Worth and Key Habits


Distinctive Lyrics 


Date Well


Nasty Beats 

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