Society has fallen out of love with reps. We use to admire the strong arms of the metal worker, but now we see that he does the same thing over and over. We love the careers of an athlete like Kobe Bryant, but we don't enjoy the early mornings and 400 shots a day. Success demands reps, and if you can't put those reps in, you will never get to the results. It's about finding peace and happiness in what others consider to be boring. The gold you seek hides in the boring stuff. Things  like building a healthy morning routine, eating well, and giving all of your effort all come into play. 

Success demands reps, and if you can't put those reps in, you will never get to the results. It's about finding peace and happiness in what others consider to be boring. The gold you seek hides in the boring stuff.

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Gold Hides Out in Boring Places 

Think about this for a second, if gold hung out on the couch or in Netflix movies on TV, everyone would have it right? Everyone does not have the gold they seek, and the reason is that it hides in boring places.

There is a man in Japan who has been making sushi his whole life. He only makes one type of sushi. He doesn't cook any other kinds of food outside of this one sushi. The past five decades were spent perfecting his craft. In today's standards, that is boring, but he has become a master of his work.

The only way to master anything is to find a way to love what others consider boring — doing the same thing of pretty much anything is unbearable for most people today. That is why you love social media because it always has something new to show you no matter what time of the day you go to it.

Reps Reps Reps

Arnold Schwarzenegger praises the idea of putting in more reps in his book Total Recall. It did not matter if he was bodybuilding or training for his next acting role. He understood that the most important thing to being successful was to put in a crazy amount of reps.

Bruce Lee talked about preferring to do one kick 1000 times vs. doing 1000 kicks one time. The point he was making is that there is more power in reps than variety. The examples of this can go on and on. Kobe Bryant mastered the basic skills before he moved on to other stuff. The greats understand that you must get the basics down first.

What Reps Are You Putting in Daily?

Are you writing every day? Are you speaking every day? It does not matter what you work on, but it does matter that you show up to work on something every single day of your life. Nothing else matters more for your success than getting in the reps. Starting each day with a healthy morning routine means you have the room for your other habits so you can get in the needed reps. 

Consistency is undervalued today. You can't get swept away with the trends of always thinking new is still better. We want the latest app, social media posts, and Netflix, and we want it NOW on demand. The problem with this mindset is that success never comes on discount, and the only way to pay for it is with sweat.

You have to show up daily and put in massive amounts of work! You rarely get in life what you want, you get what you deserve. To deserve it, you are going to show up every day and learn to love the process of perfecting the mundane.

Habits Are About Reps 

We are our habits because we do them over and over again without thinking about it. If you have the habit of shooting poorly in basketball, then you are a poor shooter. Habit Stacker focuses on helping you to develop excellent habits. Patterns are the most natural path to success because they are process driven.  

If you are weak at something, the goal is to get in as many excellent reps as possible. After some time, you begin to do things in a better way due to constant practice. Habit Stacker makes sure that each day you are doing all the things you need to succeed. 

Success Becomes The Habit With Time

Notice how some people win in life at everything they touch? Arnold was an Action Hero Actor, politician, real estate mogul, and world-class bodybuilder. How did he do all these things? Success was his habit!

He was so consistent and so good at putting in his reps that it became who he was. Success cannot be something we change our behavior until we get what we want. We will never keep what we want that way because we won't have the habits to do so.

We succeed when we show up for an extended period and put in reps because success becomes our habit. Working hard, putting in reps, always learning, and being persistent become our character. We become known for doing those things daily. Start your path by building a healthy morning routine. 

Hey there! Fancy meeting you here in the realm of success and personal growth. Allow us to introduce Habit Stacker, your go-to source for top-notch, life-transforming content. Whether you’re aiming for triumph in your personal or professional life, we’ve got your back!

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