Steve Carell Net Worth = $50 Million

Steve Carell built his net worth as an actor, comedian, producer, writer and director. He is most known for playing Michael Scott on the The Office. He has also been in a bunch of other movies like the following: 

He has earned a Golden Globe for best actor in a TV series for his work in The Office. 

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Steve Carell


The Office 



Quotes - Steve Carell Net Worth and Key Habits

"I'm telling people that I lost it at 17, only because it sounds like a good age. I made a deal with my wife before the movie came out that I wouldn't say." - Steve Carell

"It's really a comedy about all these people who are looking for the loves of their lives, and struggling to find happiness during this pursuit," - Steve Carell

"You're telling me I have a gift for the pathetic. I have no idea where my pathetic nature comes from. If I thought about it too long, it would depress me." - Steve Carell

"Ah, yes, the chest hair-waxing scene, ... That was 100% real - complete with real pain." - Steve Carell

Steve Carell Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Be an Everyday Guy 

The reason Steve Carell is funny and easy to relate to because he seems like an average guy . Some stars are impossible to relate to though they are entertaining but Steve is both. He seems like he could be your boss, your neighbor or someone in your family. Steve Carell proves that you don't have to be flashy or larger than live. 

The point here is not that you need to develop the habit of being an everyday guy, its that you can just be yourself. You will always find a place to fit in when you are yourself. If you try to be other people you will never feel like you really fit in because you know you're changing to do so. 

Habit #2 - Be On Time 

Being on time is one of the more unexpected habits to make the list. Its a small habit that makes a huge difference in life. Steve Carell has preached this when giving advice to others on how to be successful. Most people think of success as being skilled but very few think of it as being punctual. People like to work with you more when you're punctual and it shows you respect others

Don't underestimate the power of being on time. Be the person that consistently shows up on time and prepared and over time you will beat out people who are more talented but are not punctual. Pride yourself on being a person who shows up early. 

Habit #3 - Put Something Positive Into the World 

Steve Carell loves to be responsible for giving people a more positive outlook. He uses humor to make people smile but also leaves you with a good message in his movies. 40 Year Old Virgin and Evan Almighty are great examples of this. He used these movies to make people laugh but also to give people hope moving forward. 

It does not matter what you do in life, there is always a way to improve the life and outlook of others. Putting a simple smile on the face of another human being is priceless. If you use your work to help others, not only will it bring you more satisfaction but it will put you one step closer to changing the world. 

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Summary - Steve Carell Net Worth and Key Habits


Be an Everyday Guy 


Be On Time 


Put Something Positive Into the World 

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