You are more caught up than ever before with always having what is new. If you have the iPhone, you want to trade it in because the new one came out. You have to stop chasing the shiny thing if you're going to succeed.

It is time you fall in love with history and the classics again. There is nothing wrong with paying respect the new, but you need to understand what came before it.

As an athlete, how can you love your sport without understanding or knowing what and who came before you? By being able to appreciate the classics, you learn to develop the steadfastness that we need to achieve your wildest dreams.

"You will never achieve anything of value if you keep changing your pursuit."

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Why We Need to Let Go of The Shiny New Thing

I know you may be thinking what is wrong with always wanting the latest and greatest? The problem with it is that you will never achieve anything of value if you keep changing your pursuit.

It is impossible to make the Olympic team, go pro, start that business, or lose all of that weight if every week you are doing something different.

Chasing these new things is the reason that today we have so many people graduating from high school and college clueless on what they want to do. Every week they want to do something different. Constantly switching the path is now how you go about boosting your self confidence.

We have lost the ability to pick and stick. Imagine two years into starting Amazon if Jeff Bezos decided to switch it up for something new. Imagine if when Steve Jobs started Apple, he decided to get a PC and use those instead? The world we know today would be completely different.

The world tells you that you need the newest to be happy, but what we see is that you need to pick and stick a lot more than you currently do.

  • Success comes to those who stick it out
  • Failure keeps arriving for those who keep quitting
  • You don't need the newest thing for happiness

Pick and Stick - Stop Chasing the Shiny New Things

Pick and stick means that you stay with things long after the good feelings of starting something new have gone away. Everyone wants to be successful until it is time to get up in the morning and go to work. We love rewards but not the work.

When we pick and stick, it means that we are not looking for the most comfortable way. We are ready to be truthful to what we want and stick with it until we get it.

When you know you have options, you won't work as hard because you know there is another way. But when you make your mind up that you will be a champion, and there will be nothing else, the way you walk and the look in your eye changes right away.

Take away the options from your life. Stop saying if this does not work, ill... there is no plan b. There is an only success when you pick and stick.

The mindset becomes like what Will Smith said about getting on the treadmill. Either you will die on the treadmill, or he will win. It's why 50 Cent named his debut album, "Get Rich or Die Trying."

  • The good feelings should go away but your dream should not as well
  • Remove the plan b and focus on plan a
  • Forget about ease and comfort when chasing your dream

No Retreat No Surrender

I was watching 300 the other day. I consider it to be a classic, and I first learned about it in history class in the 10th great. The battle of Thermopylae that the movie talks about is fantastic.

The film is fictional in many ways, but the one thing they nailed was the Spartan mentality. Even when they knew they would die, it was considered to be the best way to die. No retreat, no surrender!

When was the last time you woke up like that? When was the last time you decided that no matter what happens by marching forward that you are still going to go because that is the direction your dreams are in? Probably never! But the truth they don't tell you in school is that you need that mindset to achieve massive success.

When someone aspires to be a doctor there is a reason that they make the students take organic chemistry. It's their way of seeing who has that no retreat, no surrender mindset, and most people don't.

That class makes people reconsider their entire life. But what if they gave themselves no option? You see the difference; you will fight out of a tight corner if you have no other choice.

  • No retreat like the Spartans in 300
  • The path always finds a way to make the weak ones quit
  • Massive success needs definite direction

The New Way is to Stop Chasing Shiny New Things

Now you need to appreciate the classics and things that have come before your time. You can still have some new things in your life, but you will look to find the classics more.

No more assuming that new is better. When you are choosing videos to watch on YouTube find some tried and true classics instead. The older, the better. Staying with your tried and true mission is a great tactic for boosting your self confidence. 

Old things that last have stood the test of time. If something is popular for 10+ years, it has proven itself more than something the is brand new. The brand new may be cool for now, but it has to prove that it can stand the test of time.

When you take this approach to life, you will find it much easier to stick out your dreams. When things get tough, you will not search for the first possible exit. You will stand sturdy and make it work because you understand that the value comes when you stand the test of time.

Stick With What You Have Been Doing

No more chasing everything new. Have the older version of your phone, don't get the latest video game or computer. Train yourself to appreciate and love the older things in life for a bit.

When you do this, you will introduce the concept of picking and sticking into your life. You don't need more options in life; you need more sticktoitiveness. It's the ability to stick that will take everything you are doing to the next level.

  • Success needs 10 years
  • You don't need more options you need more grit 
  • Value is built with time

How to Stop Chasing The Shiny New Things?

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