Terence Crawford Net Worth = $7 Million

Terence Crawford is a WBO Welterweight champion. He is keeping the title in his name for over two years. The fighter has come from a strict upbringing, but he was given a second chance to a better life, and he does not take that lightly.

He was the first boxer to hold all four titles since 2015, including WBO, IBF, WBA, and the WBC. Pound for pound, he is considered to be the world's 4th best boxer. 

He spent must of his life before on the streets hustling and being in a gang. Boxing was his way for a better experience, and he is blessed to have an Uncle that cared enough to push him in a new direction. The boxer is no longer known as a thug but a champion. He is known for his impeccable defensive skills, fast hands, and punching power.

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Terence Crawford


WBO Welterweight Champion



Quotes - Terence Crawford Net Worth and Key Habits 

  1. “This is my fourth time fighting in Omaha, and I’m happy to be back. Like I said, there’s no place like home.” Terence Crawford boxer
  1. “Amir Khan has been in there with a lot of great fighters. Me beating him will put me on another level in the welterweight division. People are interested in seeing this fight.” Terence Crawford boxer
  1. “It don’t matter how I win. I just want to win. That still won’t get the fighters I want to fight in the ring with me. I just need to keep doing what I’m doing.” Terence Crawford boxer
  1. “I’m just going to go out there and shut Benavidez up. That’s it. That’s all.” Terence Crawford boxer

5. “I’m just gonna keep doing what I’ve been doing, and that’s winning the fights and looking spectacular each and every fight. Everything else will fall into place.” Terence Crawford boxer

6. “No. Not at all. But that ain’t the point. The point is we’re here now, and we’re fighting on Saturday. Come Saturday, all the talking will be out the window.” Terence Crawford boxer

7. “It’s been real since day one, since the fight has been announced. It ain’t been nothing but real.” Terence Crawford boxer

8. “I love fighting on ESPN. I love the fact that I get to fight on Bud’s undercard, and he’s the main event and I’m the co-main event. I’m ready to open the show.” Terence Crawford boxer

Terence Crawford Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Seize The Moment 

Crawford grew up in a gang and was always able to get away from being arrested and getting shot. His luck finally ran out, though, and a bullet hit him in the Neck in Omaha.

He drove himself to the hospital and had surgery to fix the issues. The typical path for any gang banger is to retaliate and get revenge. His uncle, who is a pastor, talked the future boxer out of it. He then decided to put his all into boxing and make something of his life.

He knows what it's like to feel like death is not far. Every time he steps in a ring, its a blessing, and he does not take a moment lightly. He gets in the ring, ready to fight as his life depends on it.

He could have been dead or in jail, but instead, he has the chance to make millions knocking people out. The Terence Crawford Net Worth is where it is because he knows how to seize the moment.

Habit #2 - Why Not? 

His motto is, why not? When you come from the streets, and you turn into the best boxer in the world. What else seems impossible? He is always trying to push the limits of what he can do because he does not know what his limits were.

Years ago, he thought his limit was living in the hood and a life of violence. What could his limits be as a boxer? No one knows, but he is willing to find out.

Where are you hold yourself back? Are you allowing other people's fears and limits to weight on you? You have to understand that you decide what is possible and not feasible. You can create your destiny, but you have to let go of old ideas.

Habit #3 - Never Back Down 

You can't back down from anyone. Terence is waiting for that career-changing fight. The one where he gets to knock out a legend. He has his eye on a bunch of big fighters, but he feels they have been dodging him. Too many boxers seek weaker opponents so they can keep their legacy looking good. Terence Crawford will face anyone. There is no ducking and dodging.

You have to beat the best if you want to be the best. You can be scared to lose or scared of someone's legacy. You have to trust your preparation and be willing to go head to head with any beast.

Summary - Terence Crawford Net Worth and Key Habits


Seize The Moment


Why Not? 


Never Back Down

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