Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar  known professionally as Cardi B, is an American rapper, songwriter, actress, and television personality. Here are 27 Awesome Cardi B Quotes.

Cardi B Quotes

1. “Sometimes I wanna be with people that remind me of who I am. If I tell my friends I want some soda or I want a beer, they will tell me.” – Cardi B

2. “Can’t be starting all these problems if you cannot solve them.” – Cardi B

3. “The women that inspire me, to be honest, are the women that struggle.” – Cardi B

4. “Remain humble but stay hungry.” – Cardi B

5. “I’m livin’ my best life.” – Cardi B

6. “Knock me down 9 times, but I get up 10.” – Cardi B

7. “If you say that you’re humble, you’re not humble. You gotta wait until somebody tells you that you’re humble.” – Cardi B

8. “Be careful with me. Yeah, it’s not a threat, it’s a warnin’”- Cardi B

9. “I think beautiful is like looking like you take care of yourself.” – Cardi B

Cardi B Quotes

10. “It's just like, damn - I'm competing with myself.” – Cardi B

11. “If you want it, and the more you keep hearing you can't have it, you just go and get it.” – Cardi B

12. “I'd rather have money and be broken-hearted than be broke and broken-hearted.” – Cardi B

13. “I'm a funny person, but I take my music seriously.” – Cardi B

14. “When women come up to me like, 'I am a freaking senator,' or, 'I'm a doctor,' it's like, 'Damn, y'all like me? I look up to y'all!'” – Cardi B

15. “To me, music is art and fashion is art, but fame? Fame isn't art, but the person you become when you're famous - your alter ego - that's art.”– Cardi B

16. “People are afraid to be themselves because people are afraid to be recorded. Everything is being recorded, and everyone is so sensitive. You say something; a section of people will be offended. It's so annoying; you got to be completely censored.”– Cardi B

17. “I wanna hear myself everywhere.”– Cardi B

18. “I used to tell myself that I will always be myself.”– Cardi B

Cardi B Quotes

19. “I used to worry a lot. I still worry a lot, but not about the things that I used to worry about because my younger self, I didn't regret anything that I ever did... I was happy, and I was free, and I was living it up.”– Cardi B

20. “We might as well be true with ourselves.”– Cardi B

21. “What counts the most for women is having the confidence to make your own money.”– Cardi B

22. “This is my work ethic: I do not want to raise my future kids where I was raised, and I know the only way to do it is working, working, working, working, working.”– Cardi B

23. “When you hear my lyrics, you hear the shots that I throw at people. I throw shots because I always been the underdog. I got rejected so many times, and I say it in my lyrics constantly.”– Cardi B

24. “I have a passion for music; I love music. But I also have a passion for money and paying my bills.”– Cardi B

25. “To see the positive reaction to my music makes me feel good.”– Cardi B

26. “Always have a goal, always have a second plan.”– Cardi B

27. “You wanna know how rich people like me stay rich? By staying on a budget.”– Cardi B

Best Cardi B Quotes

Knock me down 9 times, but I get up 10. – Cardi B
And karma for you is gon’ be who you end up with. – Cardi B
I’m known for proving people wrong. Remember that. – Cardi B

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