No successful person gets there without first learning how to think big. Small thinking is all the things that go through your head that limit your potential. If you are living a life below your potential, and you want to change that, it's going to take work. This article will help guide you even if you don't believe you can change. That in itself is a limiting thought. You have to rid yourself of this mindset to move forward and go where you want to.

The mind is where everything starts. What you believe will become your reality. When we are young, we look to our parents to learn how to act. We observe them and download subconscious frameworks that we use to know the rules of life. This framework is the reason that a child of a wealthy family believes they will stay fruitful no matter what they do. Its also the reason someone born in poverty thinks they will remain poor no matter what they do.

When you begin to operate under a new framework, your life changes, this article is about how to start downloading a new structure. The new framework will allow you to think big about what is possible in every way. If you feel more prominent, you can see bigger, and you need to see it before you can be it.

When you begin to operate under a new framework, your life changes, this article is about how to start downloading a new structure. 

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1. To Think Big - Read More ?

I hate starting the list with reading, but it is the best place to start. No matter how much money you have or don't have, everyone can read more. If you can't afford books, use your library to use the Libby app or go to the library and grab a book for free. If you can provide some money, you can start with our reading list.

Reading is not a quick process. Matter fact, none of this is. The text will begin to expose you to new ideas, ways of thinking, accomplishments, and lifestyles that you may have never considered. You can buy a book and get inside the head of Michael Jordan, Gandhi, Malcolm X, Mother Theresia at any moment. You can understand how they think and contrast it with your world view.

After reading enough, you begin to download these new ideas and ways of thinking into your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is who you are when you are not thinking. When your brain is operating in automatic mode, your subconscious brain takes over.

One of the best things I ever did was read 100 books in a year. I read books from different genres and very different authors so I could upload as many different ways of thinking in as short of a time as possible. The Magic of Thinking Big is a great book to read to help with this.

  • Reading Opens Your Mind To New Possibilities

2. Talk About Your "Think Big" Ideas Not People ?

To change your mental framework, you have to become aware of the wrong way of doing things. One of the easiest ways to spot out small-minded thinking is it often focuses on people. The people who spend all of their time gossiping and running their mouths about other people are usually the ones with the smallest minds. Be aware of this. You will fail and get sucked into this but catch yourself and do this instead.

Talk about ideas. You have an idea for a business or a movement you want to start? Share those ideas to forget about people. Talking bad about other people moves your life nowhere, and it keeps you small-minded. Talking about ideas though will change how you see the world. You start to realize the possibilities, and you get to bond with other people over tour dreams.

Talking about other people negatively is just putting a lot of negative energy into the world. But when you talk about the idea, its putting positive energy out into the world. You begin to attract other people who also like talking about ideas. This is not any voodoo. It happens because we all gravitate toward people who are like us.

  • Think About Your Ideas, Not What You Think Of Other People

3. Think Big and Find The Reason It Will Work ?

The easiest way to not try anything is to convince yourself it won't work. Some people try things and find the reasons it will work, and they let those reasons drive them. When you're small-minded, you search desperately trying to find the reason it will fail. If you know something will fail, then you don't even have to work.

You have to force yourself to do this because it will switch you from being a pessimist to being optimistic. It's refreshing to be a pessimist in our current society. Everyone wants to be contrarian and shoot things down just because they can. Most pessimistic people are not very confident. They try and act like they are satisfied because they see the world for what it is. In reality, they are scared to try, and they don't want to see your work either.

  • Spend The Same Energy Thinking About Why It Will Work Rather Than Fail

4. Replace Bad Habits With Good Ones ?

Now that you can identify some harmful ways of thinking. Its time to call out your hurtful actions. The sexual addiction, the alcohol, the nail-biting, the procrastination, and all of the other stuff. The only way to start noticing habits is to pay attention to it. Write down all your actions for a week. You will miss many, but it will get you to start being aware of all the things you do in automatic mode.

Think of habits like building a house vs. tearing a house down. Every harmful habit removes a brick. Every positive habit adds a brick. If you want to build a mansion, you better have a lot of positive habits and be very consistent with them. If you're going to destroy everything you try to develop, then you have a lot of negative patterns that you don't fix. Think big about where you want your life to be and it will give you the reason to change your habits.

Everything that you want to succeed at has people who have come before you that are already have established the needed habits. For example, if you're going to be the best basketball player or violinists, then look at the people in the world who are considered to be top 5 and look at what habits they have. Over an extended period, the house looks complete because of all of the bricks that were laid.

  • Build Your House Rather Than Tearing It Down

5. Add Up a Bunch of Small Wins for Confidence ✅

Habits build real confidence. You prove to yourself that you know how to show up and get things done, no matter how hard or easy other aspects of life are. Habits are all small wins. As you lay more bricks, you gain more confidence. BUT when you tear bricks down, you lose confidence. You are proving to yourself that you are not the type of person that does what you're supposed to do.

At this point, your mind is shifting because you are starting to believe. You have been waking up on time; you have been reading daily and working on your craft. Now the vision that used to seem so far off is starting to make sense. You know how you can make it a reality now. You think big for the vision, but you think small for the daily action.

Use our habit tracker to build up this confidence and track your habits. Tracking your habits makes it easy to make improvements as you go. The app allows you to choose your habits, have accountability partners, and make sure that you get done every single day. You can look back on the weeks and months and know exactly how many times you got that habit done.

  • Layer One Single Win On Top On Another Eventually You Have A Fortress

6. Hang Around People Who Also Think Big ?

One of the big things you will notice when you change your mind is that you start hanging around different people. Some will not be able to handle your mindset and the way that you approach life, and they will exit at the first chance they get. Birds of the same feather flock together. It takes a sharp mind to be able to override this and still hand around people that are different, so you don't live in an echo chamber.

When you begin to hang around people on a new life, you automatically upgrade your way of thinking and living. We are hardwired as humans to want to fit in the group. If the group all drive beautiful cars and you drive an old honda, you will do everything you can to upgrade to fit in with the group.

When I was training to get a scholarship in high school, all my training partners wanted the same thing. My best friends wanted the same something. I went to a high school for athletes so I could be around athletes who wanted the same thing. This is a substantial key!!! My whole social circle wanted to be successful in track and field, and we all went on to do that.

  • Make Your Circle Filled With Like Minded People.

7. Permit Yourself to Think Big ?

Here is the last thing you need to do. Permit yourself to think big and to succeed. You can do all the items listed above and start to realize and purposely sabotage yourself because you don't believe you deserve it. You have told yourself that you can't have beautiful things because you don't come from that.

This is the last mental rewriting, and there is no easy way to do it. You need to have the right positive self-talk and keep expecting success and nothing less. Know that you have all the pieces to get it. You're willing to stick with it over the long run. It's just a matter of time before it becomes yours.

  • Allow Yourself To Believe

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