Tom Dwan Net Worth = $10 Million

Tom Dwan was born on July 30th, 1986 in New Jersey. He is a professional poker player from America. Tom is famous for playing high-stakes No-Limit Texas Hold’ Em Omaha online games. He started playing online poker at a young age. He funded his first game with his 17th birthday money. His net worth is $10 Million.

He went to Boston University but left early due to success in poker. Early on, he was making a lot of money and was not scared to flaunt it. In 2008, he earned $5.41 million. He has also lost as much as $4 million in a game. Dwan usually recovers his money when he has big losses. 

In 2009, he became a Full Tilt ambassador. Tom Dwan has had ten money finishes at the World Series of Poker. He was at “Poker at Dark” for four seasons and appeared in three seasons of “Million Dollar Cash Game”. He also had been on National Heads-Up Poker Championship. And Dwan appeared at two seasons of “High Stakes Poker” on the game show network. 

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Taking Risks in Poker



Quotes - Tom Dwan Net Worth and Key Habits

“I think the natural talent thing is pretty overrated. I think anyone can learn to play poker and do pretty well if they are intelligent and open-mind.”– Tom Dwan.

“I’m making this heads-up challenge to the world. Anyone can accept. Four tables, minimum of $200/$400, and I’ll put up $1.5 million to their $500,000. We play 50,000 hands minimum and if they end up a dollar after rake they keep the side money or whatever. So basically, if you and I played and you won a dollar, you would get my $1.5 million and if I won a dollar I would win your $500,000.” -Tom Dwan

“So I’m giving a million dollars free if anyone thinks they can do it.” –Tom Dwan

Tom Dwan Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Keep Pressing 

Poker is a game of risk and knowing when to back down. Some players try to be very calculated with their risks, but not Tom. He is one of those players who doesn't bat an eye when it comes time to take a big risk. He is challenging and aggressive by nature.  He thrives on taking risks and has done very well making a name for himself for his entertaining poker games. 

You have to know when to keep pressing in. Too many people lose big opportunities because they are scared of what they could lose instead of what can be gained. If there is no risk in your life you will also not receive a reward for your efforts. 

Habit #2 - Be Fearless 

Tom Dwan is fearless when it comes to living life. He lost large amounts on several occasions but failures have never stopped his game. He always fearlessly comes back and wins his way back to success. It's necessary for a poker player to be self-confident and fearless. The confidence and cold blood in your veins help you to stay focused and not let emotions hurt your game. 

Being fearless is required to succeed at anything in life. If you're not fearless then you need to find your courage and be able to take action regardless of the present fear. Challenges and threats will come from every direction in life and if you always run away, you will never get to your destination. 

Habit #3 - Be Consistent

Tom Dwan started playing Poker before he was even legally allowed to do so. He left university because it was getting in the way of his consistency with his Poker. No matter if he is winning a lot or losing, he knows that he has to keep playing and be consistent with his game. 

Consistency is necessary for any person to be successful. One cannot succeed without consistent efforts because you need reps, and to build up cumulative knowledge over time. Don't underestimate the power of working on your craft every single day no matter what is happening around you. Make your consistency a priority. 

Summary - Tom Dwan Net Worth and Key Habits


Keep Pressing


Be Fearless 


Be Consistent 

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