Tony Dungy Net Worth = $10 Million

Tony Dungy is a Super Bowl-winning coach with the Indianapolis Colts. He helped the team get over the hump as they face a tonne of disappointing endings to their seasons with Peyton Manning leading the way but losing to the Patriots. Tony Dungy came in and implemented his Cover -2 Defense that he spent years perfecting with Tampa Bay.

He is known for his calm demeanor. Where most Football coaches can be seen on TV freaking out and going crazy on their players, you rarely saw this from Dungy. He took a completely different approach to coach football. He is known to be a Christian, and he did his best to lest those values guide how he coached and treated people. 

In 2005 Tony Dungy dealt with the death of his son. And like everything throughout his career, he handled it with class. Dungy was rock steady in his faith. He always demanded his players pick up after themselves and not expect the facility staff to do it. He cared for the person more than he cared about football.    

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Quotes - Tony Dungy Net Worth and Key Habits

"Things will go wrong at times. You can't always control your attitude, approach, and response. You options are to complain or to look ahead and figure out how to make the situation better"-  Tony Dungy

"It's about the journey--mine and yours--and the lives we can touch, the legacy we can leave, and the world we can change for the better." - Tony Dungy

"The secret to success is good leadership, and good leadership is all about making the lives of your team members or workers better." - Tony Dungy

“We often can't see what God is doing in our lives, but God sees the whole picture and His plan for us clearly.” - Tony Dungy

“People look at me and see a calm, cool guy on the sidelines and I want them to know that my Christian faith affects my coaching and everything I do.”
-- Tony Dungy

"Courage is the ability to do the right thing, all the time, no matter how painful or uncomfortable it might be. - Tony Dungy

“You can’t always control circumstances. However, you can always control your attitude, approach, and response.” - Tony Dungy

“Be successful not just in what you do, but in who you are.” - Tony Dungy

Tony Dungy Net Worth and Key Habits 

Habit #1 -Character First

Tony Dungy was more focused on building people than winning football games. He knew that if the people were right, their football team would be even better. He cared more about what was going on in the lives of reporters, staff, and players than just sticking to business. 

By focusing on character and building people, players wanted to play for Dungy. They wanted to do well for him and share success with him. There is something special that happens when you know someone shows up every day caring about who you are as a person. 

You can take this lesson into any aspect of life. Your family, your coworkers, your employees, or anyone else you come across, should know that you care about them. If people think you only care about what you can do for them, they will not always give you they're all. 

Habit #2 -Stay Calm

Tony Dungy did not need to yell and scream to get his point across. He spent his time teaching and giving his players information. Rarely did Dungy see the need to scream unless a character line was cross. He found the need to yell once when a few players missed showing up to elementary school engagement. 

On the sideline, you can see Tony calmly telling his players what needs to be done. How they need to improve or what they did wrong. Most of the time though he may stay silent. He believes his players know what needs to be corrected and what to do next. 

Staying calm is not easy. It's easy to let the events of life make you ride up and down emotionally. Tony was the master of keeping his high and low emotions in check. He focused on what needed to be done next instead of just being emotional all game. 

Habit #3 -  Deliberate Practice

In the Power of Habit by author Charles Duhigg, he gives an example of how Tony Dungy used habits to build the best defense in Football. Dungy would not take a job as a head coach until an organization bought into his way of training football players to have correct habits. 

The way he helped football players to have good habits was by having deliberate practice every day. 

Deliberate Practice Requires

  • Setting Stretch Goals 
  • Instant Feedback 
  • Focus on the Task 
  • 100% Effort 
  • Repetition and Refinement

Tony Dungy implemented the best Cover-2 defense in the game with the Buccs, and he did it by making sure that they did things right every day. If they did not do things right, they were given instant feedback and expected to fix things on the next rep. If the team still fell apart when the pressure was on in a game, it was a sign that they had not yet developed the correct habits. 

When the Buccaneers started to dominate on defense, it was because the players were acting on instinct after years of deliberate practice. The Dungy system was beginning to pay off. Anyone can have deliberate practice if you set out to do it. It takes time, but after years of this sort of training, success becomes a habit. Of the Habits of Tony Dungy, this one has the power to take any skill to the next level. 








Begins NFL Coaching Career

Promoted to D-Coordinator of Steelers

Turned Tampa Bay Around as Head Coach

Super Bowl Win

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Summary of The Tony Dungy Net Worth and Key Habits


Work On The Person Before The Skill


Stay Emotionally Level


Deliberate Practice 

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